The meeting of the cousins, first cousins once removed, second cousins etc

The silly season is over for 2017.

Our little Summer House was bursting at the seams as the year drew to a close. Our three bedrooms were full. The garage was turned into a makeshift fourth bedroom, we had a tent for two in the side garden, and two swags in the back garden. Including ourselves, we had twelve people staying here during the peak, which may not sound a lot. In a small, apartment sized house though believe me when I say, it was definitely a full, full house.

Luka and Emma’s accommodation


The first arrivals from the UK were the Moase Clan patriarch and matriarch – Margaret and Geoff, (Margaret is Paul’s first cousin). Next to arrive were the Aussie branch of the Moase clan. Christopher, (Paul’s first cousin once removed) with Clare and their two children, Luka and Emma, who, if my research is correct, are Paul’s cousins twice removed.

Christmas day…….

The pressies were opened

The table beautifully decorated by Margaret

The Figgy Pudding was devoured

And after Christmas dinner the obligatory charade games.

Luka acting out the fourth word
Clare acting out her bit
Then came Emma…..
And Geoff’s not so silent attempts had us all in stitches

Boxing day and the rest of the family guests started to arrive. Firstly, Alice and Paul (Green), and shortly after, number 1 grandson Tim. Number 2 grandson, Josh, couldn’t make it till the next day – (he, along with the rest of his band, Raksha,  were concluding the recording of their second EP)

With us all together, the beach seemed the obvious place for a big family day. So, with canoes, a beach shelter, chairs and a beach game loaded into the cars we headed down to Sandy Bay.

A beautiful day for a family get together
The Green family males
Alice and Josh

It was whilst we were out to dinner one night that Clare made the mistake of asking what relationship everyone was. Clare doesn’t know me well enough yet to know that such an enquiry will result in yours truly (me) researching the topic to find out. It’s very complicated…….

Alice and Christopher are (if I have this right) second cousins. Tim and Josh are, I think, third cousins to Luka and Emma. Luka and Emma are cousins twice removed to Paul (Riley), and Tim and Josh are cousins twice removed to Margaret. And if you understand all that, you’re doing damned well……

I think I speak for us all when I say we all had a wonderful time. Everyone pitched in and did their bit to help. It’s the first time the two younger generations have met, and they all seemed to enjoy getting to know each other, and seemed to get on well enough. I’m sure it won’t be the last time they get together (especially now they have had their place in the family tree explained to them….)

Tim and Josh doing their share of the washing up

The conclusion to 2017 – a hectic pleasure!


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