Christmas is coming……

And if you know the rest of that little nursery rhyme, then our little house is shortly to become the goose! Yes, very soon our house will be ‘getting fat’, in fact bursting at the seams almost,  as family arrive from near and far. By the evening of Boxing Day our little ‘Summer House’ will be almost set for a re-name. I’m thinking, ‘The Tardis’ will be perhaps be more appropriate. At least while this festive season is in progress anyway.

The first of our guests, Margaret and Geoff, arrived from the UK to join us for the Christmas festivities on the 9th December. So, if you’re wondering why I’ve been a little quiet over the past couple of weeks, it’s just that I’ve been otherwise occupied with our guests. They are occupying one of our two guest rooms.

Geoff doing the flag removal honours at our local big ball golf course
Margaret, and in case your wondering – no, she’s not taken up bee keeping, it’s a much needed fly-veil.

Christopher, Clare, Luka and Emma will be next to land. Flying in from Adelaide and arriving into Perth on the morning of Christmas Eve, they’ll be picking up a car at the airport and making their way down to Busselton. I should imagine they’ll be here by around mid-day.

Two of them will occupy the second spare bed-room, and the other two will either use our camping mattresses in the dining room, or in a quick put up tent at the side of the house. We’ll let them decide who’s sleeping where.

Next to arrive will be Alice, Paul, Tim and Josh. They’ll be arriving in the afternoon of Boxing Day. We had our caravan ear-marked for accommodation for Alice and Paul, but a change of circumstances means it’s no longer available. (Actually a last minute change of ownership – but more on that in a later post). So, at the eleventh hour we set up a bit of room within a room, in the garage. I’m not sure if you could really call it a room, more of an Arabian type boudoir!

We had replaced one of our spare beds a couple of months ago, and in anticipation of our Christmas festivities, we stored the replaced bed and had thought Tim or Josh would most likely have been using it. Instead, it’ll now be used by Alice and Paul, and Tim and Josh will be relegated to a camping mattress under canvas in the back garden.

There’s no way the living areas in our wee house will accommodate twelve, so we have everything crossed that the Weather Gods will favour us with fine weather and gentle breezes. All of our living and eating will be taking place under our patio in the back garden.

It’s going to be fun, fun, fun!! And I mean that absolutely literally. It’ll be like the Christmas festivities from my childhood, masses of people in a tiny house, all talking at once, lots of food, and hopefully lots of laughter. The Adelaide clan has not yet met the Green family clan (Alice and co), so it’s going to be a great opportunity for them all to get acquainted.

I’m sure it’s going to be a real pleasure – and will let you know how it all evolved in a couple of weeks. So watch this space….

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