Keep the home fires burning

The fire bans have finished for the year. We don’t have an inside fire so we’ve acquired an outside fire pit – perfect to sit around for our finger food Friday nights.

Paul wanted to wait until dark – I was to impatient
As darkness fell the flames came to life

As the flames took hold a hose came over the fence – Our friend and neighbour had seen the smoke and decided he’d better come to the rescue…… LOL! Now Brian’s starting to get a bit of reputation with flames and fire (or perhaps he’s always had it) – so rather than risk him completely dousing our flames, we thought he and Kaye had better come over to share a glass of red and soak up the ambience with us.  Anyway, what’s better than sitting around a fire pit in your back yard? Having friends sitting around it with you of course!

On a recent camping trip Brian took some amazing photos of flames through a glass of red wine. Paul copied….  I couldn’t post these next two photos without acknowledging the inspiration.

A photo inspired by our friend and neighbour, Brian Love
A glass or two of red, and Casper came to visit – can you see him?

We had our sausage sizzle, then we toasted marshmallows to celebrate the first fire in our new fire pit. There’s an art to getting a marshmallow toasted perfectly. Sometimes I hold them to close to the flames and set them on fire. And sometimes I get them to perfect only to wait a second to long – and they drop off the fork into the fire. But when they’re just right, all crispy on the outside and warm and gooey in the middle…… Yum!!

Twirling marshmallows on the end of a toasting fork

I’m definitely more a summer person than a winter person, but when I sit in front of glowing fire I start to have my doubts. Each season definitely has it’s place.

Cold weather pleasures


12 thoughts on “Keep the home fires burning

  1. I love your fire pit Chris! What a great way to relax and unwind, flames are so compelling when you watch them. We have a new fire pit in our back yard too but we haven’t used it yet. And yes I can see Casper 🙂


  2. Nothing better than a bbq or firepit to sit around, so sociable and a great way to start your weekend. Love your finger food friday idea too, brilliant.


    1. Thank you Jon, and thank you for hooking up and following along. Finger food Friday has been a wonderful ritual in our lives. It was great whilst we were working, and now that we’ve retired it helps us keep track of the days.

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    1. It’s something we started years ago when working full time. Always home cooked – pizza, hamburgers, bruschetta, nachos, fish & chips, or our favourite – a cold collation of crusty bread, a strong cheese, some cold cuts, olives, cucumber, artichokes….. It seemed to get the weekend started immediately. We loved it so much that we’ve continued it long after work finished. It’s now our favourite night for sharing with guests. Everyone seems to enjoy the simplicity of it, and a good few have taken up on it.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Shared with our usual Finger Food Friday, it’s a great way to either entertain, or just enjoy a break from the usual. As far as entertaining go, it makes things very simple, and everyone seems to enjoy it.

      Liked by 1 person

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