A puppy’s first birthday party

Bailey’s birthday cake

We had no idea what a doggie birthday party would be like. Would it be a room full of dogs doing what dogs do to leave their scent (peeing and pooping everywhere), would there be any fights, would Tilly remember his siblings……

I’m pleased to say the first two things weren’t particularly in evidence, and sadly, Mr Tilly was the only one of the birthday boy’s siblings who showed up. Did Tills remember his brother Bailey – it was hard to say, but there weren’t any obvious leaps of joy at being re-united with one of his big brothers. His cousin, Lily though was another matter. Apparently Lily and Tilly are of a similar age, and they grew up together in their first few weeks of life.

Miss Lily coming to say hello to Mr Tilly

I’m not sure if Tilly remembered Lily, but he was certainly enamoured with her, and with good reason. Whilst Mr Tilly and Bailey had the snip early in life (7 weeks old), and all of the other male dogs there had also been neutered, Lily is expected to one day mother a litter or two, so hasn’t been sterilised. She’s been kept safe from any would be father dogs during her recent season, which was nearing it’s end on Saturday. Needless to say, the scent of Lily at the party had Tilly’s attention, and the attention of several of the other dogs. I don’t think Tilly knows he doesn’t have the necessary tackle to do the deed – not for the want of trying though!

Mmmm, she looks a bit of alright!
Who’s courting who!
Tilly didn’t know quite what to make of this

I’ve gotta say, in human terms of courtship Mr Tilly was an absolute gentleman. Whilst the other interested dogs there just wanted to ‘go for it’, Tills took his time getting to know his beau first, and letting her getting to him a little (the way dogs do – a sniff here and there, a lift of his rear leg to let Lily check him out, a bit of pretended nonchalance). No wonder Lily thought he was just the bees knees!

So, apart from Lily providing the equivalent in entertainment of what could only be likened to a female stripper at a bucks night, what else happens at a puppy’s first birthday party I hear you ask? Well there’s party food, some for humans and some for the canines (all of the doggie party food was home made).

Home made doggie donuts and treats

There’s play equipment to play on (the party was at a doggy day care centre), and most of the dogs made good use of it. There were games of chase, and games of wrestling, none of which had to be organised – the dogs thought up the games all on their own. Apologies for not counting the dogs in attendance, but at a guess I’d say around 12 – 15. They all seemed to have a great time.

Doggie day care play equipment

How did Mr Tilly go – well he seemed a bit reticent around the general pack, but then again, he was very much preoccupied with the divine Miss Lily. A few times he tried to put a bit of distance between himself and his first love, but Miss Lily wasn’t going to have that. More than once we noticed her seeking him out and reeling him back in to attendance. Clearly Lily wasn’t aware he was of absolutely no use to her – ha, he had her fooled.

After almost two hours of romp and play the birthday cake was presented to Bailey. I must say he showed astonishingly good manners. Sitting with his neck chiefs around his neck, and his birthday hat atop his head, he handled the cake ceremony like a pro. He is a stunning looking one year old, and I’m sure his mum and dad are very proud.

The birthday boy showing great decorum when presented with his birthday cake.

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