Avenue of Honour

Our main purpose for this visit to Albany was to see the Avenue of Honour, Field of Light. This avenue of light is a massive art work of illuminations designed by artist Bruce Munro. It pays homage to the Anzacs who departed from Albany for the Great War.

The lights were installed by a group of 50 volunteers, and were opened to the public on 4 October 2018. They will be dismantled on 28 April a few days after this years Anzac day memorial. The avenue opens to the public each evening at sunset, and is open until 10pm. Entry is free, and dogs are allowed on leash.

One side of the avenue

When the avenue was opened it was hoped, and expected, that approximately 20,000 people would take the time to visit. Those expectations were absolutely smashed when on the 6th February the installation welcomed it’s 100,000th attendee. With almost three months left at that time to run, which includes both Easter and Anzac week-ends, it’ll  be exciting to get the final tally.

There are 16,000 glass spheres that light up each evening, with each of the 16,000 representing approximately four soldiers who left from the shores of Albany, never to return.

The lights are in range of changing colours representative of the colours of the wild flowers

Looking down the avenue and seeing the multitude of lights, it’s sobering to multiply the display by 4, and mentally replace the lights with headstones, or worse, the dead.

This has been a sad and reflective visit to Albany, and I’m pleased to have made the pilgrimage. It’s more than 100 years since these young, patriotic, heroes went off to fight for King, country, and our future. Many died on the shores of Gallipoli or in some other far off land. Those that survived lived with horrors we can’t begin to imagine. They’ve all passed away now – but we shall never forget them.

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