Friendly Photo challenge – Shadows

Amanda from

posted what has proved to be a difficult photo challenge for me this week, with the topic being, shadows.

When hours upon hours of searching through our photo library didn’t provide anything particularly inspiring, Paul set out down the beach path last week-end with his camera looking for some shadow of an inspiration. None was to be found. You see, it was a gloomy day, and days without sun are days without shadows.

In my search I did, however, find a poem by Amos Russel Wells. With winter setting in, I found it to be an appropriate poem, not only for this week’s theme, but also for the gloom that seems to gather with the sudden onset of rain, clouds, and shadowless days.

Shadows –

Gloomy the earth on the shadowless days, 

Sad and Monotonous, ghostly with haze, 

Gloomy the sky by the clouds overrun,

Days without shadow are days without sun.

Bright is the earth where the dark shadows lie,

Cast by the beams of the glittering sky.

Praise for the shadows when earth days are done;

For the darker the shadows, the brighter the sun.

Winter arrived suddenly in our little corner of the world. It was only a week or two ago that I was writing, commenting in  disbelief that winter was actually here. The skies were blue and the days were warm. Not so anymore! The winter storms have arrived and the sun seems to have disappeared. That’s not all,  it seems to have disappeared taking with it not only the warmth, but  my blogging mojo as well. I don’t think I’m alone, I think there are a number of bloggers on my radar that are experiencing a similar feeling. Writer’s block perhaps brought on by the dreariness of winter, and compounded by the sunny, cheerful blog posts of our northern hemisphere counterparts. Currently I’m finding it difficult to write anything of substance, but also finding it difficult to read all the lovely posts written north of the equator. The writer’s are clearly enjoying the re-birth that accompanies their return to warmer weather. My turn will come again, and in the meantime I’m sure I’ll settle into the winter and make the most of it, eventually. Until I’ve settled though, I’ll just have to contend with reminding my self that – this too shall pass!!

I did manage to find one photo with a shadow that suggests the day was sunny and bright. It’s a photo that invokes pleasant memories in the first year of our, short lived, Grey Nomad existence. We were doing a hobby farm sit just south of Grafton. Life was full of good things, and promises of even better things to come. Little did we know what would become of all the plans made during our Grafton hobby farm sit. Fortunately, we enjoyed the planning….. the reality was a different matter. 

A sunny day casting an intricate spider web of shadows from the trees branches

So that’s my contribution to this weeks theme. I wish it had been a more inspiring blog – but sometimes life’s just like that I guess. Next week will be better……..

2 thoughts on “Friendly Photo challenge – Shadows

  1. I think the poem is inspiring! Excellent take on the prompt and I like the shadowy photo. Do not stress about the pressure of having to post inspirational posts all the time! A blog can be interesting to different people for different reasons, no matter the subject matter. When I have had blogger’s block, I do other things like edit older posts/comments, for errors; re-read my oldest posts to see how far my blog has come, customize the blog with a new theme, read up about how to improve the readability or loading speed of my blog, whether that be in the blog’s presentation, or the topic I am writing about. Blogging challenges are also great to start the ball rolling again.

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