Busselton to Katherine – 2nd night Lake Nallan

After a very pleasant 1st night at Wannamal we set off around 7.30am, with Lake Nallan as our destination. The wild flowers on the way had us making more photo stops than we’d planned for, but how could we not stop with these all along the road side.

We had a cup of tea prior to leaving, but saved our breakfast for a couple of hours into the trip. This time we missed our planned stop at Jibberding Rock, so continued on to unremarkable Mount Gibson.

It gave us a bit of a break, and Mr Tilly a chance to stretch his legs, but other than that there’s not really much to say about the place. The area roughly were Jibberding Rock should have been, on the other hand, looked to be quite scenic, with an abundance of flowers, but there didn’t seem to be any marked entrance to gain access. Never mind – it’s there to be discovered another time.

We refuelled in Cue before continuing on a further 20kms up the road to Lake Nallan. I’m pleased we’ve stayed at Lake Nallan before, otherwise we would most likely have missed the entrance to this as well. It used to be sign posted, but the signs seem to have been removed. There aren’t any facilities at the place so there is a need to be self-contained. If you are self contained, and if you love green meadows, open spaces and privacy, then at this time of year this a place worth marking for a night’s kip, especially if you have a dog.

Mr Tilly loved the space to chase his ball, cooling down in the lake when he had run himself to exhaustion. Just the thing for a two year old adolescent dog after a days car travel.

And there were more beautiful wild flowers here amongst a meadow of lush green too.

We loved it. How often do you get to park on the shore of a beautiful lake and have the area all to yourself. There were some other campers who had stopped short of where we were, but having been there before though we knew just where the best spot was. If you are planning to use this place for stopover, it’s located on the right hand side of the highway travelling north. If there aren’t any signposts, look out for the lake on your right, approximately 20 kms north of Cue, which you can’t miss. If you pass the end of the lake you’ll need to back track, (as we did). The entrance is on the Cue side of the lake. For the best spot drive as far as the track will take you. It’s worth it.

15 thoughts on “Busselton to Katherine – 2nd night Lake Nallan

  1. What fabulous views, and Mr Tilly seems to be enjoying the trip so far. It’s worth the long journey travelling through places like that isn’t it?


    1. It definitely is worth doing Jonno – we love the long trips. Mr Tilly enjoys the romp after he gets out of the car, but he makes a point of letting us know how peed off he is with the car trip. He turns his back on us the whole way, and really puts on a huff. I’m sure he’d like it even less though to be left at home.

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  2. It is so lush looking. I kept imagining the red of the inland areas around Port Hedland. Glad to say I was pleasantly surprised. Mr Tilly is having a grand time too. A beautiful spot to stop, Chris.


    1. There are parts near Port Hedland that really aren’t very interesting, but the road between Newman and Hedland has some spectacular scenery – there’s a lot of beauty in ore country. Lake Nallan is considerably more south than Newman though.

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  3. The wildflowers are amazing! I have never seen them myself, but heard that they are quite spectacular. I see that they are right. Some of them are even like a colourful carpet! Enjoy the trip and that good spot for the van 🙂


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