A small wedding in the outback – part two (the newly weds)

As is often the case, nerves made it difficult to get good photos during the service. As is also the case at most weddings, some time was set aside away from the guests and pressure of the wedding just to have some fun and try to get some good photos. Paul was the photographer.

I think he managed to take a few shots worthy of keeping. Here’s a small selection:

Nikki changed into a shorter dress for the evening. These next photos were taken as the sun was setting.

A wish was made as the cake was cut

A celebrity wedding – it definitely wasn’t. An expensive, flashy wedding – it most definitely wasn’t. A simple wedding, the joining of two people with common goals for a future together, a wedding full of meaning – it definitely was. It was very special!

11 thoughts on “A small wedding in the outback – part two (the newly weds)

  1. A perfect wedding it was. Expensive decorations are transient. The real meaning of a ceremony is to mark the start of two people becoming one. They have become a team. Congratulations. Stunning wedding photos. So lovely of you to share them here!

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