Katherine to Busselton – Day 32, Fortescue to Carnarvon

We set out around 8am after a refreshing night’s sleep. It had been a very hot night, so we were thankful to have access to power and could have the air conditioning running the entire night.

Our destination for our 32nd night was the Wintersun Caravan Park in Carnarvon. It was an uneventful trip with just one toilet stop on the way at Barradale Rest Area.

We arrived at the Wintersun around 2pm, and were allocated a good sized site that would allow us to stay hooked up, ready to leave the following day. We’ve stayed at this caravan park before, and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else in Carnarvon. 

After a quick set up, and a cuppa we headed down to the on site, fenced, off leash dog area where Tills enjoyed 20 minutes of ball chasing.

We know a couple who go to Carnarvon every winter for two full months. One reason is the good fishing, and the other is the bowling green at the Wintersun Caravan Park. Perhaps next time we go there we may take advantage of the greens ourselves.

There are quite a few trees to provide shade to the grassy sites. Unfortunately when the fruit is ripe from these mango trees, it’ll be around January, and January in Carnarvon is to humid for me. I’m sure some lucky campers will enjoy picking the sun ripened fruit though.

Mango trees separating sites

Several nights a week the park hosts social get togethers. Last time we were there we attended one. I think most of the guests in the park were there on that occassion, so clearly the social nights are a big hit. There’s plenty of tables, or you can take your own chairs, particularly if you have a dog with you and need to consider other people who may not be ‘dog people’.

You can see why we’ll always stay at this caravan park when in Carnarvon. They pride themselves on being ‘dog friendly’, and they truly are, ‘dog friendly’. The park is clean, reasonably roomy, has good facilities, and encourages happy hours and social activities. We’ve never stayed here for very long – I don’t know why. I think I could enjoy a good few weeks of relaxation there. Perhaps next time!

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