The Eagle has landed – best sunset ever

Have you ever seen a more unique sunset than the one below? 

We had driven down Cable Beach a few afternoons ago, not intending to stay for sunset. However, the huge cloud formation above reminded us of some sort of bird, and started to look promising. The surrounding clouds seemed to highlight the single, dense cloud adding to the impression of a big, giant bird speeding down towards the water. The sun peeping out behind it’s tail feathers further added to the illusion.

We stayed on a while longer to watch what would eventuate. This is how it progressed:

We thought we’d seen the best of it, so headed back through the rocks to come home. However, it just got better! We just had to stop again.

 Our final photo shows it in it’s true glory, seemingly with it’s landing gear drawn well up ready for landing, it’s tail feathers streaming out behind. Looking at the beak area, a jet comes to mind, with the eye area ressembling a cockpit window. Perhaps it was an eagle crossed with a 747!

Those of you who have visited Broome will no doubt have witnessed some stunning sunsets, as have we. But this, well, it was just so unique and in our humble opinion this one takes the cake. What a pleasure! What a pleasure it is to be back in Broome again!

13 thoughts on “The Eagle has landed – best sunset ever

    1. We hadn’t intended to stay at the beach for sunset that evening, but the cloud formation looked to promising to miss. We were so pleased we stayed on for it, definitely the most unique sunset we’ve ever witnessed.

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  1. Amazing photos of an incredible sunset Chris. Bet it looked spectacular for real and almost other-worldly. Nature is so clever isn’t it?


    1. I often fail to proofread too. Sometimes the errors are typos, but other times it’s auto correct predicting the wrong thing. Either way, sometimes I get an embarrassing reminder that I failed to proof read. The auto correct on fb is diabolical and can very embarrassing times.


      1. The auto correct is a demon stealing our words! Lol. To make things worse, I have three languages on my phone keyboard and sometimes when I’m swiping words, it changes languages to Norwegian/ Danish which confuses autocorrect even more. Some of the words ARE so embarrassing, but hopefully I catch most beforehand.


  2. Completely breattaking, Chris. Although I saw a large tropical fish instead of a bird. Doesn’t matter which really-it was amazing! You did will to capture those. You should send a copy to the Broome tourist board.


    1. You’re not on your own Amanda. It was a well talked about sunset with some seeing it as an exotic bird, and some as a tropical fish. Definitely a creature of some sort.


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