Highlights from Broome – 2020

Having arrived home from our 2020 Broome trip just over two weeks ago, I thought I’d record some of this years highlight. 


Broome beckons winter after winter with it’s stunning Cable Beach to walk along in perfect winter temperatures of around 30 degrees almost every day. We walked most days along the beach, sometimes just for a relaxing walk to start the day off, sometimes in the afternoons to do a bit of beach fossicking, sometimes around the rock pools at low tide, and sometimes all three. There’s always something different to see on beautiful Cable Beach.


We managed to catch up with several friends. Some were staying elsewhere so we caught up often – sunset drinks, fun and frolics on the beach, and meals (some out, and some in). One morning we even drove down the beach and cooked our breakfast. Towards the end of our time in Broome a couple of very special friends from Perth flew up and stayed with us in a tent on our site for 10 beautiful days. We walked on the beach, played cards, swam, fished (notice I didn’t say catched – not a fish to be hooked), went out for meals, ate in, lots of beach drives, sometimes just the four of us, and at other times meeting up with other friends on the beach. We had a great time, generally chatting away, relaxing, and having some down time, as you do when on Broome time.


As always we were very spoilt by some magnificent sunsets. It’s such a unique experience to load your drinks and nibbles into your car and drive up Cable Beach until you find a piece of secluded beach far from the madding crowds, and just sit and watch the sun go down. If there’s a few clouds around the full glory of the sunset appears after the sun disappears over the horizon.

These next ones where taken at Sunset on our last night in Broome for 2020, not on Cable Beach though. For these ones we drove along a dirt track to get to picturesque Riddell Beach. The sunset, as always was gorgeous, but the real beauty was the way the suns setting rays lit up the red cliffs and rock formations on the beach.

My favourite sunset of the trip though was the amazing one that apparently was so photographed that it appeared on both the TV news, and on Sunrise the following morning. So much of Australia’s population have seen this beauty via their TV sets. We were lucky enough to see it for real. It was AMAZING.

And one final sunset to finish off my Broome memories for 2020. Although not taken on our last night, the final photo is of our good friend Brian. It seems a fitting finish to this post, Good-bye Sun – we’ll be back to say hello again next year I’m sure.

14 thoughts on “Highlights from Broome – 2020

    1. We’ve had a few friends fly up to Broome for a few days or a week here and there. It makes a good holiday for them without having to drive all that way to get there, or pay the expensive accommodation charges if they were to be staying in hotels.

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  1. Absolutely amazing shots, Chris! You are right about the sunsets in Broome. I didn’t see that special one on TV, as I don’t tend to watch it much anymore, but it looks breathtaking. Loved the silhouettes on the beach too. And the bright coral ! Plenty to see there. I am glad you had such a fun trip! What are you up to now?


    1. We always enjoy Broome, with the main attraction being able to drive down the beach. Sorting the garden out since we’ve come home. – you know how weeds think, ‘while they’re away shall we show these plants how well we can grow’! And grow they do…. just enjoying a Friday night outdoor fire atm. Also planning a bit of a Reno on the house. – converting man cave (which is a garage conversion) into a new master suite – our bedroom is really small. How are things over there?


      1. Amazing how weeds grow better than plants without watering! I have just planted some lavender in mine.
        Wow that reno sounds fantastic! What will the man do without a man cave? Does he get the old master suite?


    1. Thank you Peggy. We can’t really take credit for them though, it would be hard not to snap good pics in Broome. There is so much colour up there, it’s an artist or photographers dream.


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