The end is in sight

Yes, our new bedroom is only days away from virtual completion now, so the end is definitely now in sight. All the electrics to the master suite have been completed – phew, that didn’t go as smoothly as I would have hoped. The electrician had a series of mishaps that had us a bit worried for a few days, but all good now. As I type this we are awaiting the floor people to arrive to lay the vinyl plank flooring. Tomorrow the entrance door to the room will be hung, and the skirting boards will be fitted.

That will then only leave the strips to go into the corners to butt the walls against each other and create a neat finish, and the curtains are scheduled to arrive in towards the end of next week.

The wardrobes may take a while to complete. The specialised soft close hardware to hang the sliding doors is currently on a ship off the east coast of Australia, with strike action preventing it from being unloaded. Paul will still be able to fit the wardrobes out, and we’ll be able to move both our clothes, and us into the room as soon as the curtains arrive.

The wardrobe, currently fill of all sorts of shite, ready to be fitted out – probably this week -ends job.

We endeavoured at the outset to use only one of the spare bedrooms for storing all the displaced stuff until the project was completed. The rest of the house was to remain functional and tidy. Did that happen – noooooo it did not. Up until around a week ago, we hadn’t done to badly. This is what it looks like today.

The room reserved for the clutter, one bed on top of the other with everything piled on top

the other end of the same room.

The spare room that was to be kept functional and tidy now houses the wardrobe doors, stacked paint side down, and still requiring the final coat.

The alfresco, a shady place to paint the barn door from the ensuite
Even the kitchen bench isn’t free of clutter. In case you’re wondering why the empty cereal box is there, they slide between two walls that are being painted different colours for masking.

It feels like it’s been ages, but in actual fact it’s only been about seven weeks. There are still a couple of things to be completed after this – the garage, and the laundry. The garage is almost finished, the laundry is yet to be started. I’m looking forward to getting the house back in order again. It’ll be great to get back to normal, and to have the time to get down to the beach for a swim.

9 thoughts on “The end is in sight

    1. It’s very near to completion. It’s amazing how chaos just can’t be contained. We really tried to keep it to just one room, but chaos, once allowed into a house in even the smallest of ways, just decides to take over.


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