Chasing Sun and Wilflowers – day 30

Cue to Mingenew

We left Cue at around 7.30 am, stopped for a cuppa in Mullawa, and arrived in Mingenew at about 12.30 pm. Fields of wildflowers stretching for miles into the distance show definite promise for tomorrow’s self drive tour of the special wild flower spots in the area.

We set up as quickly as we could, then took a walk into town to find the famous Mingenew Bakery. Meat Pies and sweet tarts for lunch – yikes talk about an unhealthy lunch. Tasted good though. The caravan park has fish and chips on for dinner too, so as my old mum would have said – “May as well get hung for a sheep as a lamb”! We’re nearing the end of this trip, and I’m just a bit over cooking.

We’ve planned out our route for tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some spectacular flowers to show you, so be sure to watch this space….

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