Kalbarri’s rugged coastline in pictures

The humpbacks are on their journey north. can you spot the whale in the first photo?

This small beach was a good place to sit and have our lunch – a bit of a trek down to it, thank goodness Paul helps me! He’s a bit of a mountain goat, i’m definitely not.

The waves crash into the rocky shoreline. i wish you could hear them in these two photos.

Wild country – just stunning!

8 thoughts on “Kalbarri’s rugged coastline in pictures

    1. I have an adventurous spirit, but definitely not the agility to go with it. Paul helps me to do so much more than I could otherwise do without his help. I’d know he’d be off at 100 miles an hour if I wasn’t holding him back…


  1. Great photos, Kalbarri is a beautiful place and extra nice when the winds aren’t howling. Enjoy guys


  2. What an awesome spot for lunch. I can hear the waves in my imagination. But were you blown away? Or was the wind only light? It reminds me of the Great Ocean Road and the wind there is ferocious.


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