A friend recently posted on FB that she hates judgemental people. It brought to mind something I’d heard sometime ago – the minute you label someone as being judgemental, you are being exactly the same. Yes, I’m as guilty as the next person of being judgemental. I think we all are. We all have our values that we live by, and when someone does something that doesn’t sit right with our particular values, we can become judgemental.

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Why Broome

A friend of ours, Wendy, has just left to return to her home in rainy Perth after having spent five delightful days here with us in Broome. My Face Book friends will have been noticing a lot of Face Book posts in which Wendy’s been tagging me. I’m not very technically savvy, nor very technically aware, and I suspect some of my friends in a similar age group to myself are the same. I never knew that when someone tagged you on face book, the post ends up sort of looking like the person tagged contributed in some way to the post. From some of the comments added to Wendy’s posts by some of my own Face Book friends, I’m sure some of you must be thinking I’ve gone well and truly Face Book mad. Stop worrying, I haven’t. The posts have been made by my dear friend Wendy, and, in case you hadn’t realised it – Wendy is completely and utterly, Face Book mad! But I digress, this post is supposed to be about, Why Broome! Why do so many come back here, year, after year, after year, and why we will always try to incorporate Broome into our winters away from Busselton.

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Broome tides explained

The Kimberley Coast has the biggest tides in the southern hemisphere. The difference between high and low tides is up around 10 metres in Derby which has the highest tides. Broome, with the 2nd highest, is not far behind.

Whilst the giant tides add to Broome’s unique charm, it’s important to know both the times of the tides, and how high the tides are going to be if you plan to drive on Cable Beach, or want to try your hand at mud crabbing in Roebuck Bay.
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Concluding the Gibb River trip.

We had planned to stay a couple of nights at Parry’s Creek Lagoon at the conclusion of our Gibb River Road trip. However, having heard mixed reviews from various people, we decided to take a look first. It looks to be a peaceful place, with an abundance of bird life, and is reasonably priced. As appealing as it looked to us though, we decided to by-pass it this time, but have earmarked it for sometime in the future when we’re passing by.

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