Finally leaving Perth behind

Paul’s back from the UK and is almost over his jet lag. We’ve had our car serviced and now only have to do our final shop tomorrow, and pack everything up and we’ll be ready for departure on Wednesday.

Going down south for two months was ok as a trial run, but it was all previously covered territory. It feels better to be heading towards new territory.

I don’t know if or when we’re likely to be back in Perth. It really is a very isolated city and I imagine that once we’re over East the distance to here will seem daunting. But who knows what roads the future will take us on.

Our plans for the near future are to leave Perth early on Wednesday morning and put as much distance between us and Perth as we reasonably can on the first couple of days. We’re not going to travel at break neck speeds or drive silly distances, but we figure we should be able to get past Carnarvon by Friday. Then we’ll slow down a bit. We’re heading for Barn Hill just south of Broome for our first major stop.

After that, we’ll spend a month or so travelling slowly towards Darwin, hopefully arriving there before the end of July. By then we’ll be needing to find some work for a couple of months to keep us going.

Can’t wait to get going now.

5 thoughts on “Finally leaving Perth behind

  1. Hope you are enjoying some warmer weather up there. Was good to have a cuppa in your home on wheels last week. May catch up around the country sometime in the next couple of years. Save travel. Jill and Mac x


  2. Morning.
    Well its Saturday in Tassie. So were you able to do the distance you hoped for. Are you settled down now for a lengthy stay near Broome. If so an you need a doctor we often had a locum at Joes surgery from Broome Dr Schronnborn. Nice guy and a big traveller too. Him and his wife did a motorbike journey through the mid east turkey to Europe I think. Hope today is e restful one. Xxx


  3. Safe journey now you are almost ready for the next leg of your journey. Will be thinking of you and keep us posted as you go. Gordon and I look forward to your writings. It was great to meet up with Paul in the UK and glad he arrived back in Australia safe and sound. At our holiday lodge at the moment but will keep an eye on Glyn. Take care and lots of love from the UK.
    Joan, Gordon and Perry (the peril) xxx


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