Broome – don’t want to leave

We’re in Broome. This has to be the nicest of civilised places during the months June – September. Originally, we planned to by-pass Broome this time round, but when we heard Cable Beach Caravan Park had some short term vacancies, we decided to call in after all. This is to be our third night here and we’ve booked another two. After that they need the site, so we’ll be reluctantly leaving then for Kunnunnurra. We’ve promised ourselves that next time we’re here, we’ll make sure to stay at least six weeks to give ourselves a chance of feeling like we want to move on, rather than have to move on!

Cable Beach, ah!!! what can i say to describe it. Glorious, beautiful, inspiring, spectacular – photos, while showing it off beautifully don’t allow you to hear the gentle ripple of the waves as they meander into the shore, and photos don’t let you feel the gentle breeze as it wafts over the sand and sea. So, I’m not going to add any photos of gorgeous Cable Beach. Besides any website will be displaying accurate photography. It really is as beautiful as the best of photos, if you haven’t been here yet, what are you waiting for!

Cable Beach van park is huge with 450 van sites. There’s lots of trees for shade and the ablutions are clean with generous sized shower cubicles. Theres a beautiful large shaded lagoon pool, but it’s a bit on the cool side. The ocean is warmer.

We’ve been for a few lovely long leisurely walks on the beach, and went for a bit of dip in the ocean yesterday. We’ve even been doing a few yoga stretches on the beach – told you it was inspiring… Today, if the waves are like they were yesterday, (nice gentle granny surf, with just enough power for a bit of a push) we plan on taking our boogie boards down. We also may try our luck at fishing from the jetty later.

The fish cleaning area in the van park is probably the best I’ve seen anywhere. A hose to wash the scales into large drain area, newspaper provided for wrapping your fish scraps and a huge freezer to place the scraps into for collection. Very civilised – just hope we catch something to get the experience of using it.

Later today, we plan on packing some nibbles and taking a drink in our esky down to the beach to watch the sunset over the ocean. Broome is famous for it’s sunsets and the fame is not unwarranted.

Now though it’s time for our Sunday Brunch, bacon, egg, tomato, mushrooms, asparagus and spinach, with indian breads (we’re out of normal bread and don’t want to make a special trip to the shops just yet to get any).

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