Moving to Broome

We found out yesterday that Cable Beach has some short term vacancies in the caravan park. Normally they only take bookings for a minimum of two weeks, and are normally booked months in advance. We’ve booked for four nights and are moving there tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Moving to Broome

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  2. Hi Chris and Paul, just caught up on a couple of week’s worth of your journal. It sounds as though you are having a wonderful time and Barn Hill was a nice long-term stay. As you say, you get used to the red dust and it seems quite natural eventually. We went away in our friend’s motorhome last weekend (Mercedes sprinter) complete with shower and toilet. We went down to Wellington Forest and camped in the DEC sites for thee nights. It was a little bit of luxury and very nice. Weather was a bit cool, but we managed to fit in two games of golf.

    Look forward to hearing of your continuing travels, drive safely to Broome, it is a wonderful place. Jill and Mac xx


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