Tell me again please, why are we here!

Paul tries to play golf at least once a week on Busselton’s Par three golf course. He’s trying to make a habit of playing in the Thursday morning Men’s Comp, and when he can he gets a second practice round in on another day. Two Thursdays ago the weather forecast was for severely wintery weather so he stayed at home in the warmth. The morning was beautiful! Then the next Thursday the forecast was equally as bad, but the skies were clear and blue, so he chanced it.

It was freezing, but apart from one shower of hail he managed to play his round without having to take shelter.

Having the house to myself I enjoyed a couple of hours of pottering around doing a few household chores. A short trip outside had me scurrying back indoors out of the cold. The temperature of around 9°. It felt closer to zero. We had decided we wouldn’t make our annual winter pilgrimage to the top end of Australia this year owing to Covid. However with Western Australia having successfully contained the virus to date, I had to ask myself why we weren’t being more flexible with our plans.

Paul returned from golf, so I posed the question, “remind me again why we’re not going up to Broome this year?” I asked. He informed me he had asked himself that very same question while sheltering from the shower of hail at golf. Needless to say in less than two hours we had made our plans. Commitments and appointments on the home front were either postponed or cancelled, and a booking was secured at the Broome caravan Park. Plans were in place to leave the following Friday, the 26th June.

it’s now Wednesday morning on the 24th June,and I’m snug in bed inside the caravan after waking up on the first morning after day one of our trip. We had the van packed, and could see no point in sitting around twiddling our thumbs waiting for Friday, so here we are. We’re booked into the caravan park as of Monday, so, for once we are going to actually do less driving each day. We always plan shorter days but get impatient to get to our destination. It’ll take us a week to get there but it’ll be a more relaxed journey with the shorter driving days. Hopefully the dog won’t get the huff with us from the back seat this time. Mr Tilly won’t even look at us after more than four hours of sitting in the back seat on previous trips.

We use Wiki Camps for our trip planning as you can see below. All planned overnighters are pleasant roadside stops, either completely free or require only a small donation.

In case you’re not sure what the attraction of Broome is during our winter months, just check out the consistent weather. It’s like this day after day, week after week for June, July and August (our winter). The dry season in Broome is actually dry, unlike North Queensland where it can bucket down day after day in their dry. For us the weather is perfect, and that goes a long way towards making it perfect holiday.

And then there’s the beach….. Enough said!

Apologies again for poor photo inserts and alignments – WordPress continues to frustrate!

12 thoughts on “Tell me again please, why are we here!

  1. No luck yet with WordPress Amanda. All I can do is wait for a time when I meet up with my tech savvy grandson, at a time when we both have the spare time, and when I have my computer in hand. That could take a long, long time though. Otherwise I think I’m going to have to revert to the original intention of my blog which was virtually diarising events for friends and family. It will be a shame to lose the relationships I’ve formed within the blogging community, but the way things are currently working it would literally take all my waking hours to maintain the conversations I used to be able to maintain in less than 30 minutes a day. I’ve already ceased following dozens of blogs because of the frustrations this was causing.


  2. Glad to hear you were able to escape the winter weather for a more moderate climate. The beach looks like a beautiful spot to relax. Enjoy the winter!


  3. Hi Chris I don’t see anything wrong with the photo alignment though. And I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. You and your hubby are so cute, wondering about the same thing, almost at the same time but in different locations. Your road trip looks exciting and I’m looking forward to reading more about it. — amor 🙂


    1. We often have cause to say, “funny, I was just thinking that too”. Guess that Sort of telepathy comes with years of just being together. Yes, the blog photo alignment does seem ok, but prior to publishing they were showing as being half that size and were all washed out. Very re-assuring that it seemed to correct once published. I’m looking forward to getting some good photos at Albert Tognolini on Friday night. We’ve called in there before but haven’t stayed for an over nighter as yet. There is some spectacular views from there which I’m looking forward to posting.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll be sure to have a look at those pictures in your next posts! Here in Singapore, nobody owns a camper van. Tiny country so we’ve got no where to drive to and stay for the night, so I’m always amazed at this kind of road trip, and hopefully when we visit Australia again, we’d be able to do the same. 🙂


    1. De Grey is a very convenient stopping point along the top coast, but sadly it isn’t as nice as it used to be. They had a bio-weed problem a few years ago so closed It completely for a year while it was eradicated. When they re- opened they had blocked off access to the river. It used to be lovely if we could get a spot overlooking the river.


      1. That is a shame they yo cannot overlook the river. As you know, I have fond memories of sitting beside that river, from 1984. I look forward to updates of your trip.
        Have you sorted out some of your WordPress issues and are coping with the new editor, Chris? Once I got the hang of it, I loved the versatility of moving around paragraphs in a post.


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