Frustrations with WordPress

I started experiencing a few minor frustrations with WordPress last year. The problems coincided with a time when I was ready for a bit of break anyway, so I didn’t do a lot about it at the time.

Fast forward several months and I’m starting to re-kindle my blogging interest. However, the small problems I had been encountering seem to have multiplied. Not being particularly computer literate I find it hard to relate what my problems are. Computer terms that may make it easier to describe the problems allude me. Seeking help via Web chat with the WordPress tech gurus is like asking for help in a foreign language with only a smattering of words in common.

In the past, when I left a comment on someone’s blog I would receive an alert if that blogger responded. As I recall this notification was by way of both email, and the little blue WordPress icon displaying a number which indicated the amount of comments awaiting my attention. The first of the problems was that when this little notification showed up on my desktop, clicking on the blue WordPress icon had stopped taking me anywhere. As I was ready for a bit of a break from blogging at the time I didn’t follow up on this.

I’m aware that in settings I can tick so as to to receive an email alert when comments are placed on a blog I’m following. I tried this with the result that I received hundreds of emails in a day, one for every single comment placed on all of the blogs I follow. I can’t seem filter the comments so as to only receive comments relevant to my own. This means the only way I can now enjoy the blogging conversations I used to enjoy is to continually scroll through everyone’s blog comments looking for the thread relevant to me. So apologies fellow bloggers for my lack of engagement with you all. I have been trying from time to time, but trying to engage with you all is just ridiculously time consuming- not that you aren’t all worth it, but there just aren’t that many hours in the day.

I’ve tried to sort this out via word press. I thought I’d finally managed to get my web chat person to comprehend what I was describing, but they couldn’t offer me a solution. The conversation was left with a promise that I would receive a response via email once they’d looked into it. That was over a week ago now, and nothing more. I guess I’m going to have to chase it up again, but where to start…..

Once I can get get that sorted out maybe I’ll move on to the other problems, and there are many. These include problems loading photos, problems with choosing a category when publishing, problems with inserting a key photo, difficulties doing anything other than a draft on the iPad, the list seems to be endless. I keep putting it off but I shall have to remember, ‘once begun, half done’! Maybe tomorrow I’ll begin…..

5 thoughts on “Frustrations with WordPress

  1. So frustrating when you have technical issues but no technical person to ask them to. I think Forestwood sounds like she knows here stuff so hopefully her advice will really help you out.

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  2. Are you using the new editor? Are you using a desktop and is the pc, ipad and app updated?
    Older versions of an app, operating system
    etc Could be the cause. Also yry clearing cache.
    Photos –
    Are they too big to load? WordPress has set daily limits on photo uploads. Reduce the photos size to upload more.
    It could also be your theme causing the issue. I had an issue with the theme and comments not appearing and changed the theme to fix it. You could try Googling one issue at a time, to see if others have had the problem.
    I don’t bother too much with those. Tags seem more important and what people will search on.
    Too many notifications?
    I had to disable all notifications by WordPress emails because there was too many of them. There’s only a few selected blogs I allow to give notifications by emails. In following the conversations there is a option in the reader to use your followed sites and also to follow “conversations” this gives you the thread where you have been replying, but it doesn’t seem to give you all the comments. I am using the notifications TAB on my top right in the dashboard to respond to comments. It also misses the odd comment somewhere along the line so it’s useful to go to your post itself and see if there are new comments to be responded to.
    Happy to help more if I am online. You can reach me via FB messenger.

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    1. Hi Amanda, and thank you for this advice, which I’m trying to digest. I just left a comment on your chocolate and raspberry post and looked for the option to follow conversations. Is it in the comment section?


      1. Go to your reader on a desktop pc. On the top left should be a list of options: Followed sites; conversations; discover; search. If it isn’t there, check settings for discussion via your dashboard comments drop down. I will send a screenshot via fb.


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