Successful day boat fishing

Proud fisherman with huge Barracuda
Proud fisherman with huge Barracuda
Wally's biggest catch yet.
Wally’s biggest catch yet.

Paul’s fishing day out on the boat went a treat. Amongst other fish, Wally caught the largest Golden Trevally to date, and Paul caught a big Barracuda. No-one knew what the Barracuda was, so we had to use our fish book to identify it. Once identified, we realised Barracuda carries a warning of being prone to Ciguatera, and shouldn’t be consumed, except from Western Australian waters. Yeh!! as we’re in WA, we gave it a try last night. It tasted okay, and we had no ill effects, so have frozen some for a couple of meals. Last nights dinner was Rock Cod, a small piece of bat fish and small piece of Barracuda. Tonight we’re having Trevally, and we have frozen Trevally, Sweatlip, Barracuda and Batfish. Enough for about 15 meals in total.

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