East Kimberleys

We tried to extend our time in Broome, but it would have meant moving to a different site. So we figured if we had to move it may as well be to new territory, and we headed for Kununurra.

First stop was Fitzroy Crossing where we spent two nights. We went out to Geikie Gorge, did the boat trip up the Fitzroy river, and found a nice place to swim. All very pleasant.

From Fitzroy we headed towards Kununurra with a plan to stop at a roadside stop over night. However, we missed the one we wanted and ended up doing an unplanned long day all the way to the Discovery Park in Kununurra. When we arrived there was a sign up advising there weren’t any powered sites left. As we were pretty tired after the full days drive we hoped they at least had an unpowered site. How lucky were we though, when they realised they had booked someone in twice, which meant they had a vacant powered site. So here we are.

Upon booking in we were invited to happy hour at Croc Rock. Croc Rock is a barbecue area on the banks of Lake Kununurra and only about 50 metres from our site. There’s a massive big rock table there, and also George, a freshie, frequently pops up on the bank there in the evenings to visit. Hence the name, Croc Rock. So, off we went for happy hour down at Croc Rock. The next night, we went there again for a sausage sizzle put on by the park. They had a huge camp fire burning, and everyone brought their chair and drinks down to enjoy either a sausage or rissole buttie and a natter.

This park is famous for it’s social events. Every Saturday they do a sausage sizzle, and on Tuesday mornings they do pancakes. Both of these events are for a gold coin donation for the Flying Drs. On Monday nights they have a barbecue (choice of wild caught Barramundi, or steak) with salads and rolls, and on Wednesday nights they have a camp oven cook out. Both of the latter are for either $10 or $15 a head, cheap for a meal out….. Apparently the camp fire cook out is a huge hit with over a hundred usually turning up.

We went out to the world famous El Questro today. Breathtaking scenery, in fact the Eastern Kimberleys all round has amazing scenery, and like nothing I’ve seen before. Unfortunately photos just don’t do any of it justice. El Questro itself though is like most places that have made a huge name – in my opinion just too big, and with very little owner input, the‘care factor’ diminishes.

We planned on getting to Zebedee Springs around 8.30am hoping to beat the crowds, but first we had to get out to the village area to get our park pass. When there we got sent on a wild goose chase to three apparently unmissable lookouts. After nearly an hour we finally gave up after finding they were all up quite isolated and ‘serious four wheel drive tracks’. Wish she’d mentioned that before we tried to find the unmissable. In fact, she hadn’t even asked if we were in a 4 X 4. We just aren’t experienced enough to tackle that grade of 4 x 4 driving. After we gave up on that and made our way to Zebedee Springs it was past 10am and the crowds had gathered. The springs were stunning but for the masses. Enough said.

After Zebedee we headed for Emma Gorge, a medium graded walk. Paul made it there and back to the gorge, but for me it was too tough and I turned back before even making it half way. I don’t think I could have completed the walk when I was a teenager, let alone a decrepid old woman nearing 60. I’m convinced the person who graded it must have climbed Mt Everest and graded this as ‘medium’ in comparison. It wasn’t steep, but rocky as!!! Mind you, a lot of people older than me were managing it, so it left me feeling a bit deflated to say the least.

So, after years of looking forward to El Questro, I found it all disappointing. Guess that’s the danger of having high expectations.

2 thoughts on “East Kimberleys

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