Problems with Travelhome

We arrived at Kakadu and couldn’t get one of the front legs on our Travelhome to raise the caravan up off our ute. After several attempts Paul realised there was a major problem, so came up with a make shift solution using our car jack to support it. Not ideal, but it will do until we hear back from Travelhome.

Paul has taken the leg apart and there is a stripped thread inside it. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get Travelhome to send us the spare part to Katherine Post Office. Paul’s pretty certain he’ll be able to repair it himself easily enough. Being in the back of beyond though, getting the part is going to be the biggest problem.

We’ve heard how good Travelhome is in there after sales service.  I just hope they live up to their reputation. Moving from place to place using a car jack isn’t going to be ideal, plus getting attention for having a peg leg on our van doesn’t impress us much.

UPDATE: Click here to read more.

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