First House sit – Inverell

Well here we are in Inverell doing our first house sit. We’re looking after two lovely Cocker Spaniels, Bella and Buster, a home, plants, a couple of budgies and two gold fish. I’m sure both Bella and Buster miss their owners, but I’m also sure being in their own home with all the things familiar to them is much preferable to being placed into kennels.

Bella and Buster have a good routine which they know
well. They seem to have a good idea of time, and remind us if we’ve forgotten their morning tea treat, or if it’s getting near their dinner time. They’re good company.

Inverell is on the western side of the Great Dividing Range. Before we came to the east coast, the Great Dividing Range was something we hadn’t thought about. It’s amazing! Very steep in places and the most beautiful rain forests, palms, trees and ferns near the highest parts.

Rather than tow our van across the range we left it in storage at the caravan park in Grafton ($1 a day to store). We packed the things we thought we’d need into our car including emptying our fridge. However, we have left some things behind that we wish we had here, one being our camera. All a learning curve.

A couple I meet a few years ago have been house sitting full time for many years now. They say they always try to leave a house better in some respect to how they found it. However, this house is spotless, so that’s not going to be so easy. Paul did take the light shades down and washed them, but that’s something that would hardly be noticed. I’ve trimmed the dead growth off a couple of ferns and am trying to encourage some new growth on all the pot plants and also the lawn. However, as we’re only here for ten days, I doubt we’ll make a noticeable impression. Just hope we don’t make a negative impression by leaving any thing noticeably unclean. That would be easy to do in such an immaculately clean place.

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