Cheap beer, free food and Jon English

We’re a little blown away by the clubs and pubs on the east coast. It’s hard to believe we’re in the same country. Perth and the west coast are so, so different.

This afternoon we joined three others from our caravan park with whom we’ve been sharing happy hour. We phoned the local Grafton District Social Club and arranged their courtesy bus to come and pick us up at noon to take us to the club.

While there we drank $3.40 schooners of Carlton Draft (or beer of choice), and dined on free sandwiches with a choice of fillings. There was hot tender roast beef and gravy, sausages, fried eggs, and fried onions. We could have any, or all in between slices of fresh buttered bread. Not gourmet by any means, but it was all nicely cooked, plentiful, and absolutely free.

While there we had a bit of a flutter on a few races and watched the races on TV. No wins though. Then we went into the entertainment room and watched the football. There was only the five of us and one other woman there watching the football, along with tonights backing group for Jon English who were in there tuning their instruments and setting up for tonights entertainment. We’d only been in there about 15 minutes when Jon English arrived. After checking in with the band he came over to watch a bit of the footy with us and to check out how the game had progressed since he’d left his hotel. Now you wouldn’t get that in the West, you just wouldn’t.

When we were ready to leave we arranged the courtesy bus to bring us back to the caravan park. So, free transport, free food, cheap beer and a brief chat with Jon English. How good is that!!

Damn, though I wish we’d realised the concert was on tonight. We knew John English was coming there, but we’d thought it was last week when we weren’t here. We still could have got tickets at only $35 each, but being out at mid day we didn’t like our chances of lasting until nearly midnight (yes, we’re that old!!!!).

The Black Sorrows played at the club last week. Apparently well known acts are common place, and once you have purchased your ticket, it’s much like going to the movies. You sit wherever you like, and first in gets best choice of seats. It bought home to us how the isolation of the west coast contributes significantly to not being able to experience a small venue concert with a well known artist at an affordable price, and on a regular basis.

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