Housesitting a hobby farm

We’re now house/farm sitting in Elland on 120 acres, and I can tell you, dreams are on fire – what an inspiring experience so far. There’s a property similar in size nearby, with a nice house and outbuildings on the market for just over $500,000, so by WA standards, very affordable. But that’ll have to wait for another life-time, we already have other plans for this life-time. The dreams are pleasant enough though, and our short month stint here so far feels like it’s going to be an unmissable experience.

King Parrots.
King Parrots.

There are 21 cows which we feed, three chooks and a stunning rooster than looks out for them, a kelpie cross and a foxy cross. Along with the domesticated animals, are dozens of wild birds, king parrots, lorrikeets, magpies, butcher birds, babblers, white cockatoos, pink and grey galahs, and honey eaters. There are four bird feeders for all the wild birds in a huge poinsianna near the patio.

Charlie the Rooster
Charlie the Rooster

There’s a big fire pit behind the old shearing sheds with seats around it for night time fires. We lit a fire there our first night here and watched a full moon rise over the trees, and watched the stars come out while we slurped back a couple of bottles of red. More than we usually drink, but the atmosphere seemed to demand it, and that’s the story we’re sticking too…. A story we’ll be sure to repeat several more times too, I’m sure.

The dogs sat next to us, and it just felt like a ‘me and my dog’, experience. It felt like the way life’s supposed to be.

Each morning a small amount of dog sausage is cut up and scattered along the grass for the dogs, chooks, magpies and butcher birds. They all forage together in relative harmony for their breakfast.

The menagerie breakfasting on the lawn.
The menagerie breakfasting on the lawn.

The dogs appear to want to stay near us for the morning, but in the afternoon they take themselves off around the farm for a ramble. Abbey, the kelpie seems to like to go for a daily swim in one of the many dams on the property and always comes back wet for her dinner. They’re probably the healthiest and most content dogs I’ve ever encountered. But then, why wouldn’t they be, living the ‘life to Riley’. Which incidentally is the name of the foxy cross – Riley, after the type of life they owners knew she’d be living.

Abbey and Riley
Abbey and Riley

One thought on “Housesitting a hobby farm

  1. Hi. Just done a big catch up on your blog. All sounds wonderful. Glad the van is fixed and your journey continues. The places do sound charming.
    I am off to Thailand next week will be there 3 weeks. Staying with friends in Chasing Mai then after 10 days we move to Mae Sot.
    We too have that isolation down here but the difference for us is 1 hour and only $40 we can be in Melbourne. To dee a show we need to stay the night so adds that expense to it. We have a few shows come down and its about $70 to see them we went to David Campbell Human Nature The platters and soon its a copy group of Abba.
    Well have my chores to do now stay well and happy. Xxxx


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