Wineglass Bay work-out

Kelvin joined us at Deloraine caravan park and we spent almost a week there together. We did a little bit of touring in between his job hunting. On one of the days we took a trip up to Cradle Mountain and did the 2 – 3 hour hike around Dove Lake, a pleasant walk, but unpleasant reminder of how unfit I’ve become.

Kelvin has now found work driving a tractor in an apple orchard in the Tamar Valley, so has settled himself in at the Beauty Point Caravan Park. Having spent the past month or so catching up with friends and family, we’re now ready for some ‘us time’, time to do some touring, hiking and exploring this lovely little Island.

We left Deloraine for the East Coast yesterday and have booked into a caravan park in Bicheno. Bicheno is well situated for us to explore the full East Coast, so we’ll spend the next eight nights here.

The Hazards  at Freycinet National Park (rocky hills)
The Hazards at Freycinet National Park (rocky hills)

We started our exploring today with a repeat of a hike that we did 20 years ago, over the Hazards at Coles Bay to the look out onto Wineglass Bay. My heart and lungs certainly had a good work out, and perhaps my muscles will groan a bit tomorrow. It was worth it. The day was a glorious 20º, and I’m pleased to say we managed the walk in the recommended time of 1 1/2 hours. I’m also pleased to say even though it was tough, it wasn’t as tough as Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain was, even though it was supposed to be a harder walk. We have been walking a bit since then, so I guess it’s paying off. The ambience and the view from the look-out was superb.

View of Wine Glass Bay
View of Wine Glass Bay
The most comfortable seat in the middle of nowhere.
The most comfortable seat in the middle of nowhere.

Next was a short walk over the rocks at Honeymoon Bay.

Pretty Honeymoon Bay
Pretty Honeymoon Bay

Then a third walk which although short was quite challenging to a little place called Sleepy Bay. Had to call it quits for the day though after this one – I was knackered!

Lichen covered granite at Sleepy Bay
Lichen covered granite at Sleepy Bay

It was a lovely day.

2 thoughts on “Wineglass Bay work-out

  1. We were with Robyn and Keith on the beach the other day, just commenting that we hadn’t heard much from you – then voila, you pop up with a new blog entry. Looks like Tasmania is a must for us in the future. It looks really beautiful and very uncrowded. The coastal photos you have taken are marvellous. Keep on enjoying.


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