New Friends

Last year’s plan was to purchase a house in Busselton and rent it out for a few years whilst we continued our full time travel. However, the house we unexpectedly found saw us at a fork in the road wondering which path was best to take. Should we move in straight away and use it as a ‘summer house’? After all, Busselton is a perfect place to spend summers. Or should we rent it out as planned?

Influenced by the small house size, located only a short walk to the beach, and with room to park the caravan, we decided the ‘summer house’ was the way to go.

Before we moved in our neighbours, Kaye and Brian had introduced themselves and welcomed us to the area. Kaye mentioned a women’s walking group I might be interested in after we settled in. Kaye and Brian further welcomed us with an invite for drinks one Saturday night after we moved in. Another couple, Beth and Ken from just around the road were also invited.

Gorgeous Kaye.
Gorgeous Kaye.

Beth and Ken

And gorgeous Beth with Ken in the background.

Fast forward four months. Kaye, Brian, Beth and Ken are now friends. I’m walking with the walking group twice weekly . And from the walking group, further new friendships are being formed. The walking group doesn’t stop at walks. They are a lovely, social group of ladies, each with various other interests, yoga, croquet, travel, cycling, swimming….. lots of different interests amongst the group. We have our hour long walk twice weekly, and follow with a coffee and chat. With everyones interests keeping them well occupied between walks there’s always so much to talk about. The coffee and chat usually lasts for at least an hour.

The group doesn’t stop at walks. There’s lunches and dinners too, sometimes just the ladies, sometimes the men are also included. Last week one of the ladies had a few couples (and singles) over for a barbecue, a swim, and some games. A most enjoyable afternoon .

New Friends
Gorgeous new friends.
And our lovely host, Cathy with husband Dave in the background.
Our lovely host, Cathy with husband Dave in the background.
A group of newly found friends, all living life to the fullest.
A group of newly found friends, all living life to the fullest.

Sometimes when you come to a fork in the road, you wonder whether or not you’ve chosen the right path. The path we took when we chose to live in our Busselton house immediately rather than rent it out is, without a doubt, is one of best life paths we’ve ever taken. Thank you Kaye and Brian, Beth and Ken, and all the other ladies, and their husbands who have welcomed us so warmly. We’ve only been here a little over four months and I can say with absolute sincerity – What a joy it is to be here, what an absolute pleasure!

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