Website tidy up

Finally I’ve touched base with grandson Tim and picked his very clever technical brain for some tips on tidying up this website. As a result, the clean-up has begun.

I’ve started quite a few new classifications and have re-classified most old posts – previously most posts were lumped together in ‘unclassified’. I really am very technically challenged! but I’m working on it.

It’s by no means up to the standard of organisation I see in some of the wonderful blogs I follow, but it is organised better today than it was yesterday.

I’ve created categories for Tasmania, The East Coast, Northern Territory, South West WA, and WA The Kimberleys. I imagine the Kimberleys will shortly expand considerably when we’ve completed the Gibb River – wow, we’re only two weeks from setting off for this years trip north. It’s scary how quickly the time has flown by. I think that will be the most exciting to date.

There’s now also categories for family, friends, and our places (our homes in both WA and Tassie), as well as categories for England and other travel. And there’s categories related to ‘Our Rig’ detailing how it’s evolved over the years including repairs and alterations.

So now if you’re reading a post and want to read more related to the same topic, you’ll be able to click on the hyperlink at the conclusion of the post.

I’ve still to work out how to get a proper menu listing of categories at the top of the home page. I’ll be catching up with a Tim again when we pass through Perth in two weeks time, so I’ll pick his brains again then. Watch this space for an even organised web site….

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