Final preparations for the Gibb River

This will most likely be my last blog post for a few weeks. We’re unlikely to have any cover for phone or for the net after we leave Derby tomorrow night, so won’t be able to make, or receive phone calls or emails from anyone. If anything occurs that’s urgent, we’re heading to Derby tomorrow to stay overnight, then heading in an Easterly direction across the Gibb River. I’m sure the police will locate us via the grapevine if the need arises, but I’m sure that’s not going to be necessary…

Our itenary has changed a little as the planning has progressed. As it stands at the moment we expect to be making our way towards Drysdale Station over the first few days, then we’ll be at Drysdale for 20th and 21st June, Parry Creek on 24th and 25th, Bungles, 26th and 27th, Cape Leveque 30th June – 4th July, then Banana Wells from 4th July – 8th. Then back into Cable Beach. We hope we’ve allowed enough time.

It’s going to be a bit of a trial to fit everything into the ute most likely, that’s this afternoons job. Then, tomorrow morning we have to move the food from the main caravan fridge to the portable Engel fridge, that’s going to be an even bigger trial.

We’ve decided eating out where possible is the way to go, and for the times we’re in a campsite relying on our devices, we’ve kept our meals simple. We’re only taking one little portable gas ring with disposable gas bottles, one large lidded frypan, and one small saucepan. The saucepan is for boiling water for hot drinks and washing dishes. The large frypan is for all dinners, which will be one pan affairs.

I’ve made and frozen bolognaise for four nights, which I’ll heat up with some fresh zucchini (courgettes for my European readers). Then when it’s heated through I’ll stir through some pasta which is also pre-cooked and frozen. I’ve chopped some chicken thighs for another four meals, which I’ll stir fry with some spices, carrots, cabbage and canned pineapple, then add a little bit of rice (also pre-cooked and frozen.) Hopefully it’ll be a reasonably edible sort of fried rice. I’ve previously tried freezing the bolognaise and pasta, or rice dishes as a whole. They re-heat very well in a microwave, but in a frypan they end up all mashed together, so now I freeze the pasta and rice separately to stir through at the last minute.

For the remaining two or three meals I’ll make a bechamel sauce in the large frypan, then add some defrosted, pre-cooked brown rice, some dried peas, a small can of corn, and a can of tuna. When it’s heated through sufficiently, I’ll turn off the gas and top with tomato slices and some more grated cheese, and leave it till the cheese melts. If I was making this at home there’d be fresh veges in it, and at the end I’d pop it under the grill to brown,  but this trip is going to require improvisation. In fact all the meals are very much improvised from what they’d be if I was cooking them either at home, or in the caravan. if there’s one thing I’ve realised over the years, it’s that cooking is more of art than an exact science – so having to improvise appeals to my artistic side!

For breakfast were taking a couple of tubs of Greek yogurt, which we’ll have with either some soaked prunes, or canned peaches, and topped with chopped nuts and seeds. Lunches and snacks will be either corn thins or vita wheats with cheddar cheese and chutney, or with canned fish and sliced tomatoes and cucumber. We’ll be taking some fresh apples and mandarins too. All very basic, but I’m sure we’ll get though, and will be looking forward to a proper home cooked meal, and a nice big fresh salad by the time we get back to Broome in almost a months time.

We’re only taking our alumium travel mugs for tea and coffee, and we’re not taking any glasses. I suspect the things I’ll miss most are China cups, our crystal wine glasses (yes, we travel with crystal wine glasses in the caravan), and a ready supply of ice for my water. Those little luxuries will be all the more appreciated when we return.

I’m going to keep an old fashioned travel diary to record the trip, so as I can post about it accurately when I return. Paul’s taking the camera, so we should have plenty of photos too. Yeh! Number one bucket list destination is about to be experienced. Sooooo excited! Watch this space, I suspect there’ll be plenty of the best photos yet coming very soon…..

2 thoughts on “Final preparations for the Gibb River

  1. Well this is going to be really exciting. You have waited a long time for this trip.
    I am sure it will come up to expectations. Enjoy and love xxxx


    1. I think it will be amazing Joan. I’ve looked at the weather, and that looks to be fine, that’s important, because any rain and the road gets dangerous, and they close it. That means you’re stuck where you are until it gets re-opened. Sometimes they’ve needed to do helicopter food drops to those stranded. Best thing – part of the road, the Mitchell Plateau, is supposed to be the worst part of the road to travel, but the best to see. We’d decided to take a 2 1/2 scenic flight over that part. I phoned to book it yesterday, and they’ve just started doing flights in for an overnight stay at a glamping lodge, guided walk to the falls, and helicopter ride back to glamping accommodation. Paying for it put a whole new meaning to SKI-ing around Australia (SKI – Spending kids inheritance). Lol!!! It’ll be absolutely worth it I’m sure, to us that is. The kids will have to suffice with the photos, or inspiration to do it themselves.


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