Quick update on the Gibb

Thought I’d post a quick update to let everyone know we finished the Gibb River Road today. We now have a couple of days to re-group, do some washing, and a grocery re-stock before we head off on the next leg with the tent, which is up to Cape Leveque.

We’ll try and get started with downloading photos and getting some posted before we head back into the dark ages again (no internet or phone cover up at the Cape).

We’ve had an amazing time, and seen some amazing scenery – awesome!!!!! We’ve been shaken about on roads with deeper corragations than I’ve ever seen. Someone measured the depth in one place at 15cms (6 inches). They were like speed humps. We’ve breathed in more than our fair share of dust, and it’s likely going to take at least a week to scrub that same dust out of our pores.

We’ve seen broken down cars, caravans and camper trailers being recovered and transported out on the back of flat bed trucks, and we’ve seen cars taped together with duct tape, or strapped up with luggage straps. We’ve seen people with their arms in slings, or hobbling with broken toes or twisted knees or ankles. I’m happy to say though that both Paul and I, and our car seem to have survived relatively in tact – not even a puncture. We’ve yet to clean the dust from the car – with the dust off a few dents or scratchers could possibly be revealed.

We’ve driven down four wheel drive tracks, the likes of which make the ones chosen as extreme during our four wheel drive courses look like novice tracks. I’ve uttered more ‘Holey Moleys,’ inter-laced with expletives than I’ve ever uttered. But we’ve done it, and we’ve loved it.

Details and photos coming soon, so watch this space.

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