No-one told me it was going to be this hard

Ok I’ve used crutches before, and they weren’t easy as I remember it. That was years ago when I tore a calf muscle in my left leg. I was allowed to put my injured left leg on the ground with the crutches taking the bulk of my weight, and I managed.

Today the reality of having the opposite leg, my dominant leg, out of action and not being allowed to put that foot to the ground at all paints a whole different picture of ‘hard’. Firstly I tried crutches, then a zimmer frame (yes you read that correctly – a zimmer frame).

Its so much harder having to keep your foot completely off the ground. Anyway I’m home now, but accompanying me is not only a zimmer frame, but also a wheel chair, and – wait for it, a toilet frame. Hells Bells…. who’d have thought it. Apparently its easier to get around after a hip or knee replacement than it is to get around after a tendon repair job.

I have to keep my foot raised above my heart level for 23 hours a day. Thank goodness I have my electronics, and books to read. Not to mention Paul…. Thank goodness for Paul. This won’t be the first time I’ve wondered what id do without him.

13 thoughts on “No-one told me it was going to be this hard

  1. Look after your active knee. I didn’t realise how low toilets were until I couldn’t put my foot to the floor for 6 weeks with a broken ankle. Now 2 years later my knee is complaining about all the extra work that it had to do.


  2. Sounds difficult. I had a knee replacmemt many years ago and it was much easier to get around with crutches. I remember while using the crutches for the first few weeks that I thought I would never be able to manage it if I couldn’t put weight onto the leg.


    1. Yes, it would be much easier if I could put my foot to the floor, even just a little bit. Apparently tendons have a lot more difficulty in healing than bones, and are easier to damage until healed. I’m getting used to it, and working out new ways of doing things.


    1. Thank you Peggy. I’m sure if I do everything I’m told to do, I’m going to get a good result. I’m not usually very good at doing what I’m told, but I’m trying to make an exception this time.


  3. Hi Chris +Paul.

    Be positive!

    There is a light at the end of this tunnel. You rest up and allow your body time to heal. I can see you walking on both feet again down the track.

    In the meantime be patient &kind to yourself &use those electronic devices.

    You must crawl before you walk on both feet remember. Get Paul to wheel you down to our walking group. The girls will have you laughing in no time.

    Looking forward to your next blog.


  4. Oh dear Paul loves so he’ll deal withh it, though I think he won’t need to accrue any more brownie points for years after this ❤❤


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