Missmas 2018

If you’ve read my last blog you’ll be aware that I’ve stolen a new word from Jonno and Jo-anne who write a great blog called Jwalking. They invented the word Missmas for their Family Christmas celebrations, which for various reasons, aren’t usually celebrated on Christmas day.

Checking out the camera
Must have been a good year

When we lived in Perth we always celebrated Christmas Day with our Perth family (all four of them).They celebrated Christmas with the other side of their family on Christmas Eve.  I’m sure it was always a bit exhausting for them, as it is for most people who have two sides of their family all wanting a share of their time during the festivities. Alice, Paul G and the two grandees always spread themselves around without complaint, but I’m sure it became easier for them when we hit the road back in 2014.

We’re no longer on the road and have re-settled approximately three hours south of where our daughter lives. They spend their Christmas day however they choose, and a day or two later come down this way. We get to have our family celebrations a little after the 25th December, which thanks to Jonno and Jo-Anne, will from now on be called our ‘Missmas’ celebrations.

First thing – drinks

We start off with drinks. This year Paul treated us all to pre-dinner cocktails. In case it gets confusing – There’s two Paul’s. My Paul who is just plain Paul, and Alice’s husband Paul G (Green).

Then onto the gift opening ceremony.

Grandson Josh and his girlfriend Amber
The gift opening ceremony complete –  onto the food
This years feast – our grazing table

We did justice to the grazing table with repeated visits to replenish plates over several hours. In between times we told the usual corny Christmas cracker jokes, and played a couple of new Christmas games.

The first game this year was one called, Fake News. Two news events are read out, one is real, the other fake, and the contestants have to choose which is the real news item.Then with replenished drinks we moved outside for a game of Jenga. What a great game that is. I think the photos will be self explanatory.

Paul looking for a possible loose block to dislodge safely from the stack
Successfully removed and added to the top
And finally the block that topples the tower – it seems to go in slow motion

Some people love Christmas, some people don’t. We’re lovers of Christmas and everything that goes with it. All of the Commercial and hedonistic practices, all of the glitzy and tacky decorating, all of the shopping for pressies and feasting….. Our house is always decorated as soon as we reasonably can, usually around the 1st December. Menus are decided, and the food lists made well in advance. Whether we celebrate Christmas, or Missmas together with our family, the effort put into preparing for the day is never to much trouble. That’s how it is in our household, and I know it’s the same at Alice’s place. Fortunately, the grandees are now young men, and guess what – they love Christmas too. How lucky are we! What’s Christmas like at your place?


8 thoughts on “Missmas 2018

  1. I love the idea of the grazing table, and what a feast you had there. Much less effort than a hot buffet meal. I have done the two Christmas thing for so long, that I almost felt burnt out. It was much less subdued this year, due to parents being in and out of hospital, daughter working and you know, it was okay. Now we can plan for a real bigger celebration next year. Love the fake news game. Did you come up with the news item yourself, Chris?


    1. The game is my daughters board game. I hope your parents are on the mend now Amanda. Getting old sucks…..The grazing table was great fun, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.


    1. Kelly’s pool is a great game for a crowd. We play that at our daughters sometimes. Charades is one of our Christmas entertainments usually too, but we didn’t play that one this year. The grazing table was fantastic. I’ll certainly do one again.

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