The Queen Elizabeth comes to our home-town

The Margaret River region is world renowned as a tourist destination. Our home-town of Busselton, located at the top of the Margaret River region has become a stop off destination for cruise ships allowing their passengers to dis-embark and get to see some of this famous region. Yesterday, Cunard’s ship, the Queen Elizabeth paid us a visit.

The previous day the ship was in the port of Fremantle, approximately 2 hours north of Busselton by road. Whilst in Fremantle people drove many kilometres from all over Perth to catch a glimpse of the visiting ship.

We live approximately 3 minutes walk to Geographe Bay. Yesterday when we went for our daily morning walk along the beach the Queen Elizabeth, a beautiful site on a glorious sunny day,  was anchored just off shore. How lucky are we, no driving needed to see this majestic, luxury liner.

In the late afternoon we again wandered down to the beach for a cooling swim. The tenders were returning their passengers to the ship ready for departure which was scheduled for 6pm. It was 5.30pm and we were wet and salty after our swim, so walked home to shower, and grab a bottle of bubbles. A quick text message to a couple of friends and within 15 minutes the four of us had walked back to the beach for a relaxing drink.  How lucky we were, sipping our champagne as we watched the big ocean liner ready herself for departure, knowing we are fortunate to have this all within just a few minutes walk from our front door.

6pm and the ship is readying for departure
The  passengers are now all back on board, and the last of the tenders is being loaded
The ship slowly does an about turn
Dusk falls as we sip the last of our champagne
and watch the Queen Elizabeth sail off into the sunset

Just another one of the pleasures of living in Busselton!

12 thoughts on “The Queen Elizabeth comes to our home-town

    1. I’ve been told a cabin can be had for less than $200 a day, which is quite good for a bed, all meals and entertainment. I’ve only been on one cruise, which was enough to tell me that cruising is not really my thing. I was happy just to sit and watch, and be reminded of why we chose to live where we live. I love living so close to this gorgeous beach.

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    1. Sometimes it’s good to get a reminder of why one chose to live where one lives. This was one of those times – a beautiful evening, great company, three minutes walk to the beach to see something that people will drive for many kilometres to see…..


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