Friendly Friday – ‘Sunrise’

What a wonderful theme from Amanda at this week.

Sunrises, and Sunsets, who doesn’t love ’em. Living on the west coast of Australia sunsets over the ocean are common, but catching a sunrise over the ocean is rare. I treasure the few we’ve managed to capture, and I’m pleased to have this opportunity to share them with you.  

This first  photo was taken on the east side of Cape Keraudren, (near Pardoo on the way to Broome). We had been camping in our tent (many years ago) and were ready to move on that day. We had a big driving day ahead of us, so were up before sunrise to make an early start on packing up our camp site. As the the sun rose though it sure created a distraction  and I can tell you, and we didn’t quite get the early start we’d planned for. 

The sun peeping over the horizon and lighting up the mud flats at low tide

Here’s another. This one was taken at, arguably, the best best beach in Australia – Cape Leveque (north of Broome). Sadly its not one we can go to anymore as dogs are prohibited. Never mind, the memory lives on!

This last one was captured over Busselton’s iconic Jetty when we left early one morning for a trip to Perth.

It’s easy to understand why ancient civilisations worshiped the sun. There’s nothing quite as spiritual as watching the darkness of night get chased away by the rising sun.

6 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – ‘Sunrise’

  1. It is a spiritual time, or it feels like that to me. The magic of the sunrise, so powerful, beyond our control to change, inimitable, and yet so transient. Why is it the best best beach, Chris? ( you are talking to someone who frequents the Queensland and Northern New South Wales coast)!


      1. Incredible cliffs, Chris. I have never seen anything so brilliantly red in natural rock before. That sure is special. Did you camp there for long?


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