We’re in!

Come in, I’ll show you around!

The old garage used to have a shoppers entrance leading into the laundry. We’ve changed the direction of the new door so as it now opens into the new bedroom. The door, and it’s new framework are still to be painted, but Paul is currently suffering from painters arm. Next week, or maybe next year – it’s not going anywhere! The entrance leads to a little entrance hall with hooks for hats, or jackets, or dressing gowns. We found a great little jewellery cabinet on line with a full length mirrored door. It’s perfect in the entrance, and I found jewellery I’d forgotten I had when transferring everything from a small jewellery box into the cabinet.

Opposite the entrance is the new bathroom. Toiletries are now in, so it has a lived in look.

We love the twin vanities. Still one door handle to arrive (it’s on board a ship).

Curtains arrived on Friday. We had moved into the room two nights before their arrival, so the darkness they provide was most welcome after two nights with street lights shining in.

Sheer whites with soft grey block out hanging behind on a seperate rail

Paul has fitted out the wardrobes using Bunnings cubes. We’re really impressed with the quality, and versatility of the cubes. We’ve opted to do without a dressing table, so Paul has fitted drawers into some of the cubes for our socks and knickers. Wicker baskets fit the cubes perfectly for hand bags or jumpers. Dividers section each of the bottom cubes into four for shoes. A lower clothes rail goes between the two in each wardrobe for shorts. Paul says they went together very easily too, so that was a bonus.

Two double sized wardrobes for our clothes now. Each double robe is bigger than the only wardrobe we had previously. As you can imagine, our clothes were scattered throughout the house wherever we could find hanging space. It’s lovely to have all our clothes in the one room now.

So far there is only two of the eight bespoke doors hung. The hardware for the remaining six doors is currently on a ship somewhere out there in the Pacific Ocean. Strike action by the wharfies prevented the unloading of the ship when it sailed into Sydney a few weeks ago. The ship, and its cargo sailed on. It’ll turn up one day, until then we can manage without doors.

Still six be-spoke wardrobe doors to be hung when the hardware finally arrives.

We were going to white wash our old Tasmanian oak bedroom suite, so moved the el-cheapo rattan and white cabinets in from a spare room until we had done the required work. Our daughter had promised us the return of a lovely grey wrought iron free standing towel rail. The rail was something I had used for draping my clothes over at the days end, but when we went travelling Alice inherited it for her spare room. I was to swap her my $15 K-mart, pine, free standing rail for the return of the lovely wrought iron one. However, we rather liked the look of the el-cheapo cabinets, and the $15 rack for our clothes to rest on at the days end. So our Tassie oak bedroom suite will remain, as is, in the guest room, and instead we’ve ordered a rattan bedhead. We’ll be looking forward to that addition in a few weeks time. We also left our good Bohemian crystal bedside lamps in the guest room, preferring the look of the cheap, raw wood Big-w lamps.

After the bedhead arrives we plan on adding some oyster shells onto a hessian border in white shadow box frames to hang above the bed. I got the idea from the following photo copied off Pinterest. What do you think? I love them in the photo, so hope we can do justice to our own version.

it’s not hard to see were some of the influence for our room came from.

The new bedroom is much closer to the road noise than our old room, so that was a worry. However the room has been extensively acoustically lined. With the heavy block out curtains, and the water fountain outside, I’m impressed by how little we actually hear of the traffic noise. It’s quieter than our old room, a surprising bonus.

So there you have it, the grand tour. I’ve enjoyed showing you around. Next will be the completion of the garage, and then the conversion of our normal laundry into a European styled enclosed laundry, there-by turning our current laundry into a hallway leading to our room. (Who wants to walk through a laundry to their bedroom). But that’ll all wait for completion now until in the new year. For now it’s time to unwind and get into the spirit of Christmas. I just love Christmas. It’s my favourite time of year.

20 thoughts on “We’re in!

  1. I love the reno, Chris. It is so coastal and fresh and the acoustic lining will help you sleep well.
    I also think the shells in hessian frame will look perfect in the room. I don’t tend to use the d
    Two sinks we have in our ensuite, inly one, funnily enough.
    The colour scheme you have picked is very soothing and relaxing too. Do you really need a bedhead? I couldn’t find one I liked so now I just stack some extra pillows up on the wall at the top of the bed and I don’t miss it at all. Less dust to collect around my head at night.


    1. We’ve already ordered and paid for the bedhead Amanda. But the walls are 2.8 metres high, so it does sort of need something. We had twin vanities several years ago, and have missed them ever since. You’re the first person I’ve heard of to say they don’t use both. Most people are like us, and say the two basins are very easy to become accustomed to. The acoustic lining in the room, together with the block out curtains have made it very easy to sleep.


      1. I love the look of the twin basins but tend to use the messy one, aka the Moth’s. I like to keep my sink pristine, but do use it here and there. I am a bit silly really. I should use it more.


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