2020, What a year!

What a year. It needs no re-cap. As 2020 draws to go a close, my heart goes out to those in other parts of the world. Life is relatively normal for us here in Western Australia. We have no community transmission, and haven’t had any for many months. We can come and go virtually as we please within our own state, and without any real need for Covid caution. (I only hope we haven’t become to complacent). We’re all aware that it will only take one slip up, and the sense of security we’re currently blessed with could be gone in an instant.

I hope all my friends, relatives, and blogging associates throughout the world are well. I hope you all manage to enjoy some sense of Christmas festivity, and above all, I hope life returns to some sort of normality early in the New Year.

Try to have a happy Christmas everyone. Keep safe, and join me at midnight on New Year’s Eve as we all say good-bye and good riddance to 2020. Let’s hope 2021 is a better year.

13 thoughts on “2020, What a year!

  1. Happy Christmas Chris, it’s been a difficult year for so many hasn’t it? You are so lucky to be in such a safe place where the pandemic isn’t affecting your daily lives. Long may that continue. Happy New Year.


    1. There’s not a day goes by when that we don’t realise how lucky we are, and our thoughts travel to those who don’t share our good fortune. It must be truly awful over there.


    1. Only today we dropped our caravan off for a rental at a property in Margaret River for a wedding (we now rent it out occassionally through Camplify), and were told one of the visitors had flown in from Sydney, but had served his 2 week isolation. I hope he had served the full time, but thoughts went through my head that if he hadn’t, and if he had the virus, a wedding on the property is about to take place with 150 guests. Yikes. – doesn’t bear thinking about! Have a good Christmas, and keep safe.


  2. I am on crutches after falling off my bike last Sat with damaged tissue on the foot. Not broken. I can walk on it a little bit today so it’s a bonus.


  3. I saw what I consider a marvellous little video on Twitter about “saying goodbye” to 2020: but you don’t need to fear, Chris – I shan’t taint your site by inserting it. [grin]
    I thought 2017 was a particularly vile year – what a twit I was !!


    1. I don’t use Twitter otherwise I’d try and find that little video. I have seen a few on YouTube though. I think 2020 is going to be a year everyone will be pleased to see the back of. Stay safe over the silly season M.R. Let’s hope 2021 ends better than 2020.

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