More photos from Yardie Creek

Paul was mortified at my selection of photos from Yardie Creek in my last blog post. I admit, I had tried to change them, but it became a bit of a battle between me and FRED (frikken rediculous electronic device). FRED clearly had the upper hand, so rather than getting my knickers in a twist, I conceded defeat and left the photos as they were.

Here are some better ones.

A tranquil creek at the base of towering cliffs
Paul, very colour co-ordinates with his kayak
My kayak is the better of the two, but a bit harder on the eye. It’d stand out though ever a search party is needed.
Tree roots making their way down the sheer rock face – how do they do that!
The creek isn’t that long, but there’s some inviting bends that enticed us as far as we could go

There’s lots of wild life to see if you take it slowly, Ospreys, and sea birds, reptiles, and quite a few Rock Wallabies. The Rock Wallabies blend in well to the cliffs making them hard to spot. Once spotted, they’re even more difficult to photograph as they blend right in to their surroundings. They’re awesome little creatures, and the mind boggles as to their agility. We spotted some in places I wouldn’t have credited a mountain goat with being able to reach.

It was very gentle paddling up the creek, and going slow, and quietly is highly recommended in order to spot the wildlife. At times we would just drift with the very slow current. There is a tour boat to take visitors up the creek, but we preferred our gentle kayak trip. Compared to our bracing, and foolhardy kayak trip out on Osprey Bay the day before, this trip was a gentle, relaxing, pleasure!

16 thoughts on “More photos from Yardie Creek

    1. We’ve only just recently bought ours, and hadn’t realised just how many people actually travel with kayaks. You tend to notice other people’s when you have them yourself. They’ve certainly added another dimension to our lives, and to our holidays. We recently had a camping trip to Walpole, and the kayaks were just wonderful there. It’s a trip I think we’ll be repeating many times.

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      1. I remember that when I visited Port Hedland, Chris. I had never seen so much redness! Red soil, red sand, red rock and even red paths, stained from the red dirt!


  1. Dunno that he need be mortified: you did some some travel pics. 😀
    But I’ll agree these are terrific: is he the photographer ? – if so, he’s pretty good.


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