Chasing sun and wildflowers

August 4th

Tomorrow we will be heading off on our biggest road trip of 2021. My plan for this holiday is to keep a record each and every day of what we’ve seen, what we’ve done, and where we’ve travelled. I realise following along daily may become tedious so please don’t feel any obligation. My main purpose for recording on a day by day basis is to prompt me not to waste days, and prompt me to keep my eyes open to my surroundings. If I know I’m going to have to write something, and show some photos, then I’m going to have do something, and I’m going to have be alert to photo opportunities.

I used to write more frequently than I have been in recent years. Everywhere we travelled was new, so photo opportunities were plentiful, and the recording of our trips with both words and photos seemed to enhance every aspect of our lives. In recent years recording our trips has seemed like playing the same old record over, and over, and over again. My thoughts for this trip is that even though we’re covering old and familiar ground, ground much travelled, there will always be new things to see and new experiences to be had. It’s just up to us to notice them. Every day is different, and every trip will be different in some way to the trip before.

The caravan is now fully packed, the outdoor chairs have been brought inside in case of strong winds. The pot plants have been moved so as the reticulation will water everything should we get a dry spell. Paul has rigged the reticulation up to a Be-hyve controller – brilliant technology. It means he can turn the sprinklers on or off as needed from wherever we are. Honestly, this truly is the best thing since sliced bread.

It’s now 6.30am on the 5th August. We’ve been up for over an hour as we have a long days driving ahead of us today. We’re waiting now for first light to leave (we don’t like driving in country areas with the caravan when we can’t see clearly for kangaroos). Mr Tilly looks at us as if we were bonkers for being out of bed whilst it’s still night time. As you can see from the photo above, he’s not to happy.

And now I’d better get moving again or the Mr will be leaving without me.

14 thoughts on “Chasing sun and wildflowers

  1. Writing daily is such a great idea. I haven’t been blogging as much on this trip, I’ll just do a sum up blog at the end of each major destination but I have a personal Gratitude Journal that I write in every night. That keeps me focused on all the simple joys and little things along the way. Enjoy the rest of your travels Chris. Cheers. 😊


  2. So exciting! I feel sure you will find a new slant on the previously visited areas.
    I look forward to updates.
    Drive safe, watch out for roos and I must look up that watering system if we ever get out of lockdown.


      1. A week today. The numbers are improving here, but the NSW cases are spreading northward. Eventually they will come here too. Just as well there is desert between you and us!!


      2. I think it’ll come here before to long too Amanda. Our Premier, as everyone knows, is very strict with lock downs, and very swift to act. That’s in our favour, but this Delta stain is something different than what McGowan has had to deal with in the past. We watch and wait….


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