Chasing sun and wildflowers -day 8

12 August

Dry windy conditions do nothing for ones skin and hair. Moisturising helps with the skin, but my hair, constantly blowing in my face and eyes, was driving me bonkers. A sign at a nearby caravan advertising hair cuts tempted me in. “What are we doing today?” asks Cheryl. “Something to get the hair off my face”, I answer. Half an hour later it’s off my face, it’s definitely off my face.

We took the beach umbrella, beach chairs and boogie boards to the beach for a few hours in the afternoon. The waves were just perfect for granny’s or small children. Just powerful enough to push you to shore, but not powerful enough to dump you and roll you around like a washing machine agitator.

Then back to the caravan with just enough time to shower (and tossle my new do into some sort of mis-shape (can’t have it looking too neat), throw together the makings of dinner and we were off to meet friends for a barbecue. A pleasant night on a lovely, balmy, Broome evening. Tills is done in, up on the bed snoring. I think I’ll join him.

21 thoughts on “Chasing sun and wildflowers -day 8

      1. No. All good here now, thanks, Chris. They contained the outbreak well by locking down hard. It is clear that strategy along with home quarantine works. Something Gladys sadly didn’t quite grasp. I hope she will soon.


      2. Pleased to hear you’re out of quarantine and that the lock down worked. Yes Gladys has been very negligent in her approach (with The PMs blessing!). We couldn’t believe her press conferences at the start of this outbreak, pleading with people to stay home instead of ordering them to stay home, and letting jewellery and clothing shops open. And the pained expression on her face as she delivered such mixed messages with no clear direction. Forgive me if I’ve mentioned it before, but Paul has now nic-named her, ‘gallstone Gladys’, as he says she always looks like she’s in the midst of a gallstone attack.


      3. Haha! Gallstone Gladys! I was thinking along the lines of Covid Gladys. I hear that the medical officer has had enough of not being listened to and may have resigned. It is a mess whichever way you look at it, but at least Canberra know has to face reality or stay in lockdown.


      4. That’s Chant isn’t it. I always thought she talked as if she was in agreement with what was happening. Maybe her job was reliant on her creating that appearance.


      5. She was constrained or in agreement? I believe she vould only suggest and had no specific powers unlike Dr Jeanette Young who was given extra powers by Qld Premier, Anastacia. That issue might also have caused tension if she finally disagreed strongly with Gladys? Dr Chant hasn’t been seen publicly for 3 -4 days.


  1. Chris your new hair cut is gorgeous. Keep it like that as it’s off your face & it does suit you. Easier to maintain with the winds & swimming as well. I am enjoying the comments about Mr Tilly & his walks. The look on his little face says a lot.


    1. Thanks Marie, I’m not so sure about my hair, but I am going to be keeping it short. Mr Tilly doesn’t like the big trip up here, but he sure does live the beaches here when we arrive.


    1. You’re in Canberra aren’t you Peggy? I’m losing track on which areas are in lock down and when. How long has your area been in lock down Peggy? The lock downs are difficult. Our premier locks down hard and fast, and seems to cop the flak from the rest of the country for it. But it seems to have worked so far. I hope it keeps working with this new strain.


    1. I wouldn’t say she’s done a fantastic job, but it feels fantastic when it’s windy. Having moved to a lifestyle village, I’m wanting to use the swimming pool, which means washing my hair after every swim to get the chlorine out. I’ve tried bathing caps, but it still gets wet. This will be much easier to manage. I’ll get it tidied up when I get home in 6 weeks time. At $25 though – I’m happy.


    1. We’re hoping to live the caravan dream a lot more. The recent move to a lifestyle village was all about getting on track with the lifestyle we want to be living, which is less time maintaining a house and garden, and more time out and about in the caravan.

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