The perfect beach chair

15 August, day 11 of our sun and wildflowers trip

As we spend a lot of time on the beach, a comfortable beach chair is a must. Our old chairs gave up last season in Broome, so Paul did some on line research, and bought us two new ones for Christmas. He thought these, Tommy Bahama chairs looked pretty good. When they arrived they exceeded expectations by a country mile.

The frame is Aluminium, so extremely lightweight. Folded down they’re very easy to put on our backs, and being so light, we hardly know they’re there.

If we’re driving to a spot on the beach this isn’t so important, but if we want to swim near the life guards on Cable Beach, we have a bit of a trek from the car park to the area on the beach where dogs are allowed. Lightweight, and easy to carry is a must.

They have lots of pouches, two on the back that hold towels, books, drink bottles and more, and two hanging from the arm for phones, glasses or whatever.

They unfold (and fold up easily), and once unfolded, they can be adjusted to various positions from sitting upright to completely laid back.

The bar on the back serves as a towel, sarong holder, or a support leg if we decide we want to lay our chairs flat.

The biggest problem when going to the beach is lugging enough stuff there so as you can be comfortable and shaded. With our towels, phones, books, and drink bottles stowed in the chair, and the chair easily carried on our backs, we have our hands free. I take charge of Mr Tilly, who must remain on a leash until we get to the dog area of the beach, and paul carries our beach umbrella. We get quite a few envious comments, and I understand why. As far as beach chairs go, they’re the best we’ve seen, and so easy! Thank you Paul, a wonderful Christmas present that hopefully will keep on providing comfort for many years to come.

8 thoughts on “The perfect beach chair

  1. I do like these chairs and although I have a comfy beach chair, the shoulder straps do look comfy when carrying them to the spot or nearby park where we have social drinks. The M.o.t.h uses a small hand trolley now to carry the two plus the small wooden tabletop that attach to the arms. Maybe you should make an instagram video on the chairs – it might go viral and you could be a brand ambassador!

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