Beautifully landscaped Town Beach

17 August, day 13 of our sun, and wildflower trip

Three months of each year, during the dry, winter months, the full moon rises over the mudflats on Roebuck bay creating a natural, spectacular phenomenon aptly called, ‘staircase to the moon’. I’ll show you some photos of that when it occurs later this month. Today there were two children enjoying play on the mud flats created by the low tide.

With the town heaving with tourists during the season in which the Staircase to the moon happens, thousands gather and try to get the best vantage point to watch the full moon rising. In past years there was just no-where to sit. The shire has now landscaped the whole area, creating lawned terraces in the upper levels, and rocked terraces leading down to beach area. Empty now, but when the full moon is on the rise over the mudflats next week, these terraces and rocks will be fully utilised as seats to watch the spectacle.

More thoughtfully, created rock seats amidst the beautifully landscaped gardens, as well as barbecue shelters with tables, have created great places for a quiet rest, or family picnics at any time. I should imagine one will need to be an early bird though to secure a barbecue shelter and table on staircase nights.

The kiddies haven’t been forgotten. There are several playgrounds dotted around the large area. There’s mini trampolines set at ground level, slides, swings, climbing frames, and a wooden boat to climb over. The eggs had me intrigued, I’m sure the littlies know what they’re for. There’s even a basketball court.

The jetty is currently cordoned off as work is being done to extend it. Once completed it’ll make a fantastic place for fishing. The photo below also provides a good view of the size of the tides. Currently, close to low tide it’s a fair trek to reach the water. At high tide the water line will cover the rocks at the shore line, and will be deep around the jetty pylons,

They’ve done a fantastic job with the area. I can’t wait to get there next week to find a great spot to see the Staircase to the Moon. Sometimes the bats are flying as the moon rises, and will fly in front of the moon. We’ve tried many times to capture a shot of one, but so far haven’t had any success. Maybe this will be the year….

8 thoughts on “Beautifully landscaped Town Beach

    1. That’s a shame. How much longer is your lock down? I think the staircase to the moon is next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We were at Lake Argyle one year and did the sunset cruise on the night of a full moon. The guide stopped the boat in the right place and showed us how to ripple the water as the moon rose. The staircase effect was just the same as over the mudflats, but even more amazing because we had caused it. I don’t know if that’s a usual occurance though. The sunset cruise at Lake Argyle is very special, very memorable. If you do it, don’t be frightened to ask for more champagne.


    1. The Staircase to the Moon attracts thousands every year. One year (pre dog days), we went to see it from the Mangrove Hotel in Broome. What a fantastic atmosphere that was. They turn the lights down low and a didgeridoo plays. The moon reflects like stairs in the mud flats before it rises above the horizon. Then as it rises it looks just like a staircase leading up to it. Surreal!


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