Entrance Point – a photographer’s dream

Entrance point, located on the south East of the Broome Peninsula, is one of our favourite beaches to visit in Broome. With its rocks, and red cliffs it’s a wonderful place to explore for both people and dogs. Mr Tilly romps around as if he’s in 7th heaven, running over the rocks, sniffing, peeing, exploring and doing what dogs do. He’s like a 1950s kid in a lolly shop, not knowing which rock to choose next.

There’s usually a few people, and a few dogs there but it’s never crowded. With all of the natural rock windows on the beach it’s no wonder it’s a premier place for wedding photography.

We had a succulent garden in our beach cottage with a few Broome rocks scattered amongst the plants, and a nice piece of driftwood from our own beach at home. When we moved house in July we took the driftwood, the Broome rocks collected slowly over several years, and cuttings from all of the succulents. We’re re-establishing a similar garden in our new unit, and will continue to add a nice rock or two from Entrance Point each year. It’s our little piece of Broome at home. We found one nice rock on this visit, which is now in the back of the car, and we found several rocks we would have loved to have snaffled, these ones were just too big and heavy to carry though.

How gorgeous would these look with succulents growing in the crevices. Alas too big…..

The colours in the cliffs at surrounding the beach never ceases to amaze me, truly worthy of an artists palette.

Every year when we go back to Entrance point we wonder if this next rock formation, standing like monument, will still be standing. One day it’ll topple.

Entrance point isn’t a swimming beach. There’s signs warning if strong currents, and the possibility of crocodiles. It’d be rare for a crocodile to be seen there, and even if there is one there, it wouldn’t be a huge threat to us. Crocodiles are territorial, and enjoy their meals in the privacy of their own creek, or water hole territory. Any that are seen at Entrance Point will be on their way to one of the creeks, several kilometres away. They’re not likely to stop for a meal on the way, and nor are they going to want to drag their meal with them on their journey. So, unless one had been recently sighted there, that threat wouldn’t keep me away from a cooling dip. The strong currents though – they might! Those dangers aside though, the water at Entrance Point isn’t such that it beckons swimmers. Tills runs into the waters edge to cool his feet, but even he isn’t tempted to go in up to his belly as he usually does. It just isn’t that kind of beach. For exploring, and for photographs you’d be hard pushed to find a better place. So be sure to put it on your list when next in Broome (but not at high tide). You’ll be glad you did.

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