A short walk to Quinninup Falls along the Cape to Cape track

I picked up my friend, Kaye, on my way to drop Paul and grandson Josh off for today’s walk on the Cape to Cape walking track. They were doing more than 20 kms today, which is more than Kaye and I care to walk. Never-the-less, we couldn’t let them have all the fun. After they set off towards the south on the track from Moses Rock North car park, Kaye and I set off for a shorter walk towards the north.

The walk to Quinninup Falls is only around a 4km return walk, with an estimated 1 1/2 – 2 hours time to complete. The day was overcast, with slight smatterings of drizzle. Recently having had treatment of pre-cancerous facial sun damage, Kaye had to keep well covered against any UV rays. Being overcast helped, but not wanting to risk the sun peeping out to surprise us, Kaye came prepared with sun hat and umbrella. Turned out the umbrella wasn’t needed to shield from the sun, but it did a good job of keeping her dry when a light shower fell.

For most of the walk we were high up on the cliffs overlooking some stunning coastline.

We reached the point where the track to the falls leaves the Cape to Cape track. The track into the falls was steep in parts with very soft sand, but it was only short, and once there, very worthwhile.

It was rather sad to see the beginnings of yet another Arum Lilly invasion. I wonder how many will be there at this time next year!

We were the only ones there at the time, so enjoyed the peace and tranquility for 10 – 15 minutes before turning to make our way back. Our timing had been perfect as we met at least four couples heading towards the falls as we made our way back to the main track.

There had been a few steep, sandy descents on the main track on our way to the falls. We took it slow with a few stops to catch our breath on the way back.

The track on the left was steeper than it looks in this photo

Normally when Paul and I do a bush walk, Paul’s ability far outstrips mine. I’m much slower than he is, and much as he’s patient and lends a helping hand if I need it over any tougher sections, I always feel like I’m holding him back. As I’m writing this he’s still completing today’s walk with Josh and I’m sure he’s thoroughly enjoying walking with someone to whom he can match his pace with. What a pleasure it was for me today to be matching my walking pace to my walking companions without the pressure of trying to keep up, and failing miserably. So, Kaye if you’re reading this, you were a pleasure to walk with. Please can we do it again……,I loved it.

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