Cape to cape walk – Moses Road north to ellensbrook homestead

The welcoming committee
No problem for Josh. Paul took a tumble – no problems apparently, just a bit wet!
Big rock formations along the way
Wilyabrup Cliffs in the distance
Some stunning ocean shots
Paul’s favourite pic from the day
And that’s it folks, a walk on the Cape to Cape

This section was 21kms long. They came home foot sore and weary, but happy with their effort.

12 thoughts on “Cape to cape walk – Moses Road north to ellensbrook homestead

    1. They are, aren’t they! Apparently the Wilyabrup cliffs are amazing too, especially on a nice day when the abseilers are there. I’d love to see it all myself, but the access points aren’t plentiful on the track, and there’s no way I could walk 21kms, nor could I get across that creek.

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    1. Count me out too Peggy. Josh was ok, he learns circus so is reasonable fit and able. Paul’s a bit of a mountain goat, but not enough of one to have managed the crossing without a fall. He didn’t get hurt – good luck rather than good management I suspect.


    1. They both enjoyed it but disappointingly, circumstances meant they bailed on the other planned walk days on this occasion. They did an alternative walk the second day, and the rest of the planned walks on the Cape to Cape are on hold for another time.

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