Busy, busy, busy

I received an email from my sister-in-law in NZ recently. Having noticed that I hadn’t posted a blog for several weeks Marie had become concerned that perhaps one of us wasn’t well. I thought I’d perhaps better tell the world that we are both indeed very well.

Since moving into Nova Lifestyle Village our lives have become very busy with fun things to do almost every day. I try to walk with my ladies group twice weekly. That’s an hour of walking, then an hour over coffee where we sort out the worlds problems.

Paul and I have taken up Duplicate Bridge again, so we’re playing that two afternoons per week. Factoring in travel to and from the venues, each session occupies close to five hours (best value entertainment going for $5). As well as the Bridge competitions we try to factor in a weekly bridge lesson when we can, but with all the additional Christmas festivities we’ve put the Bridge lessons on hold for the remainder of the year.

We’ve been playing lawn bowls on Sunday mornings, and when time permits on Thursdays too.

In our spare time we’re trying to learn to do a reasonable jive using on line lessons. We did some ballroom and Latin dancing lessons nearly 40 years ago, but we never went for long enough to even learn the steps properly. Recently we had the pleasure of attending a dance in our village. The lights were dimmed as dozens of oldies hit the dance floor dancing the night away to all the old time favourites from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Some of them were really good. I‘m sure we weren’t easy on the eye has we clomped around the dance floor, but we had a ball all the same. Apparently they have approximately four dances here a year, with the next one being on New Years Eve. So in the next few weeks we’re endeavouring to become a little more proficient with our steps, and a little easier on the eye. It’s not easy!

Of course, each of these groups involves different people, so each group has its own Christmas party. We’ve had our Christmas party for the walking group, and we’ve had one of three for the Bridge sessions. We missed the second Bridge party last week as grand son Tim and his partner , Shirley were with us for a four night visit. That leaves one more Bridge party which is happening this Friday for lunch.

There’s still a party for bowls, a street party for our street in the village, and drinks with friends before Christmas arrives. Phew! life gets busy.

6 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy

  1. The life and times of a social butterfly in a retirement village! Lol. But it really is great. You are becoming involved, getting to know others, making new friendships. All these things are important as we age. The sad thing is there is not much time left for blogging. I do hope we will see more posts, albeit shorter ones?
    Keep up the wonderful activities! Meeting up with friends over coffee is the best way to solve the world’s problem – we should start calling it essential therapy.
    What is duplicate bridge?


    1. Duplicate bridge is the way competitive Bridge is usually played. The hands are pre-dealt and everyone in the rooms play the same cards. You can effectively lose every hand, yet still get the highest score for the day. It’s the best game….. very difficult to learn, it literally takes years.

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