Impending loss of freedom

Australian states have each been able to choose the way they individually reacted to the pandemic. Western Australia’s premier, Mark McGowan, took a more severe approach than all of the other premiers – he locked our borders down and locked them down hard, and has been unrelenting. He’s encountered the wrath of our countries Prime Minister, and the wrath of several of the premiers from the other states. He’s hated by many throughout the country, and is often portrayed as a tyrant overseas and in many parts of Australia. Many people believe West Australian’s have been living without liberty in conditions akin to prison camps. I’m here to tell you NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.

The reality is the people who live in Western Australia, and I’m lucky to be one of them, enjoy unbelievable freedom, with one exception. We can’t travel freely to other states, and people from other states can’t travel here. That’s been hard on families with members separated by international or state borders, and as you would expect, Mr McGowan has lost popularity with some of those people. Whilst I can understand the frustration of the residents who desperately want to visit their grand-children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, daughters, and sons who live either overseas, or across an Australian border, most West Australians, including me, have been VERY, VERY HAPPY within the borders of this great big state. Our state has been almost free of community transmission of Covid for most of the time since we first heard the words, ’Coronavirus’, and ’pandemic’.

With virtually no community transmission, businesses have enjoyed far less interruptions to service than elsewhere in the country and overseas. Our mining sector, and WA is a big mining state, has enjoyed the freedom of being able to operate almost as per normal. Our state’s economy has been booming, and consequently has significantly contributed to keeping the whole country afloat. And Mr McGowan, well he’s written himself into the political history books. He’s the most popular State Premier Australia has ever had, and why wouldn’t he be – he’s kept us all safe. Not only have we felt safe but we’ve enjoyed amazing freedoms to enjoy life pretty much as it was before Covid was even a twinkly in a bats eye, the only exception being that we must remain with our state borders, and no visitors from elsewhere.

The announcement many have been waiting for has come. We’re to open up as from 5th February. Paul and I are double vacced, and our booster vac is booked. But we’re scared, very scared. We know that once those borders open we can kiss our freedom goodbye. A bit of a paradox I suppose you could say. I’ve loved living in our safe bubble, and hearing what’s happening with Omicron overseas, and interstate – well, I hope Mr McGowen reconsiders. Apologies to those who for family reasons welcomed the news, I understand your frustration. Stay safe everyone.

6 thoughts on “Impending loss of freedom

  1. Well said. Most of us in Queensland have felt the same over the past year and now the border has opened we’ve had 200,000 people enter in the last week. And of course, the virus is now here. We’ve enjoyed almost normal lives and that has changed in an instant. I’ve been very disappointed to see the politicisation of this, particularly federal government v the states. Best wishes to you for the future.


    1. A few people are overjoyed at the borders coming down, but most are not happy about it. It’s like the doors are being opened and we’re being ushered into jail. I’m hoping by the delay here in opening that our premier will have time to do an about turn. With the rate the virus is spreading the country will be on its knees within weeks. Stay safe, and have a happy Christmas.

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  2. I haven’t objected to WA’s severe lockdown except that our son-in-law is desperate to get to Perth to see his mother who is suffering an aggressive form of dementia. His work didn’t allow him enough time to quarantine.


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