The White Sands of Esperance

Wharton Beach

A quick two night stop in Esperance before travelling further east allowed us only one day for a snapshot look around the town of Esperance and it’s beaches.

The day started off cloudy and windy. Esperance is notorious for it’s winds, but Paul and I, having had two wonderful trips to the area previously, had never experienced ‘windy Esperance’ before. We soon realised we had been just plain lucky on those two trips. On this occasion nature let rip, and we experienced the full force of the Great Southern’s winds. As the day progressed the clouds slowly lifted. The sky turned to a brilliant clear blue above us, the suns rays lit up the dazzling white sand beneath our feet, the the turquoise waters for which Esperance is famous for, took our breath away with such beauty that has to be seen to be believed.

The next day we headed east towards Cape Arid. Our friends, Kaye and Brian spent the the next six nights at Lucky Bay in the Cape le Grande National Park, whilst Paul, myself and Mr Tilly travelled a bit further to the dog friendly caravan park on the Duke of Orleans Bay. For the six nights whilst we stayed there the wind blew, and blew and blew….. Whilst the wind wasn’t conducive to swimming most days, it certainly didn’t detract from the beauty.

The most beautiful clear blue waters
Firm packed, squeaky white sand to walk on at nearby Wharton Beach
White sand dunes
Beautiful Banksias
The Duke of Orlean’s Bay on which our caravan park was based

Most days the temperature was in the low to mid 20s, but one day it soared up to 43°c. Now, anyone who knows me well will attest to the fact that it has to be 40° in the shade for me to venture fully into the water, especially the frigid waters of the Southern Ocean. Needless to say the day certainly qualified. After our swim we tried to relax under the shade of our beach umbrella on the sand, but with the wind still blowing a gale the umbrella wasn’t going to stay put for long. It was clearly to hot to even enjoy the beach. We headed back to our caravan to sit in air conditioned comfort with a good book.

I need to digress here a little….. Whilst we were in Broome last winter, a fellow blogger, Miriam, who writes a blog titled Out and About, and who also writes feature articles for the magazines – Outback Max, On the Road, and RV Touring & Accessories, happened to be touring our Western Australia. I had hoped our paths would cross at some stage and we could perhaps arrange to meet up. However, after Miriam’s latest blog post it seemed that our paths weren’t destined to cross. They had been in the Esperance area and had headed west again to Hopetoun. On the day when it had reach 43° in Esperance they were a little further west experiencing the same fierce heat and winds, but with the added threat of a lightening ignited, out of control bushfire giving them cause for concern. Read about their experience on the same day here…

Fast forward a couple of days…. The only place where internet access is good at the Duke of Orlean’s caravan park is on the verandah of the shop, so at the beginning and end of each day campers vie for a seat at one of the tables on the verandah to get their daily technology fix. Paul was inside the shop buying us a cup of soft serve ice cream to enjoy as we perused our emails. I tucked Tilly into a corner at the far end of the verandah and settled in to wait for my ice cream. A glance towards the neighbouring table, and surprise of surprises – there sat Miriam with her partner Doug, settled in to get her next next article safely off to the editors of one of her magazines.

“Miriam”? I questioned. She looked at me very puzzled, ”Do I know you”, she said. Once I related how I knew her we both quite excited at the chance encounter in such an out of the way place as the Duke of Orleans Bay Caravan park. We arranged happy hour drinks together that night, and quickly caught up again the following morning before we hitched up and headed back to Esperance for another four nights.

So here we are now, back in Esperance for four nights. The winds have dropped, the temperature’s rising, and those beaches are calling to me. Time to go and get my togs on …..

Couldn’t resist adding adding one last photo.

16 thoughts on “The White Sands of Esperance

  1. Great to hear your ‘windy’ news Chris and Paul . Still the beauty of the place makes up for those windy days and hopefully it has settled down for you. Keep on enjoying the life.


  2. Well, that was meant to be. How lovely for you both to catch up at last. I’m with you on the frigid water. Even on the hottest of days the ocean along Australia’s southern coastline is icy. In 2008 we arrived in Adelaide on a 40 degree day, set up camp at a park along the beach and were looking forward to a nice swim. But the water was so cold there could have been icebergs floating past at any moment. I settled for a cool shower instead.


  3. Hi Chris, here I am getting my daily technology fix, at said verandah, and your post pops up. Love it! It was so great to meet the three of you here and yes, the winds have dropped. We’re here for another three nights before we move on. Enjoy the rest of your travels. 😊


  4. How awesome that you guys finally met up! Well done! And in Esperance. The beaches live up to their reputation but like the Great Ocean Road have to be enjoyed with windburn! Glad you got in a swim and Mr Tilly looks very happy to be travelling with you.


    1. It was the most unlikely of places to meet up Amanda, and meeting a fellow blogger whilst I was wind blown, and dried out in hair and skin wouldn’t have been anything I’d have contemplated doing. I would have welcomed the chance to have tidied my hair and moisturised my frazzled skin before such a chance encounter. Never mind, it was lovely to meet up.


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