New site

We moved this morning into a new site at the same caravan park at Karrinyup Waters. It’s a lovely van park with two big landscaped  swimming pools, one heated to 32 degrees, plus a large spa pool. Some of the ablutions are old style, but the ones closest to us are a row of individual rooms, and each room has a hand basin, toilet and shower in it. So, they’re nice and private, and very roomy. We only use our own toilet over night, and we’re using the park showers rather than the smaller one in our van.

There’s two nice lakes in the park full of ducks and water birds and with nice grassy banks for playing bouchee on, or just sitting on a seat and watching the ducks do head stands in the water. Whilst there’s quite a few trees around the park, only about a half of the sites benefit from shade from them. The one we had initially had no shade, but the one we moved to this morning has a lovely big ficus shading the van from the hot afternoon sun. It drops a lot of berries, but dealing with those will be easier than dealing with the heat.

It was an interesting exercise to pack up and move, even if it was only 20 metres down from our original site. The inside of the caravan was pretty full. When we’re doing a longer move we’ll take a lot more care with the packing up, and some things will get packed into the back of the ute or will find a spot in the caravan boot.  We’re going to have to have a bit more or a thin out to manage overnight stops as it wouldn’t be much fun to have to drag everything out just to be able to climb into bed. We have a few extra things here that we’re not planning on taking with us anyway, so that’ll be a bit of help.

We’re getting there and I should imagine by the time we’ve done our 2 months or so down south in Feb/March and early April we’ll almost have everything worked out.

Yesterday was the first day we didn’t have anything we had to do. We chose to have a vehicle free day and chilled out around the park. We used the pools, played bouchee and quoits down by the lake, watched some of the boxing day test and later in the evening watched DVDs. I must say, I think I’m going to enjoy this once we get into the rhythm of it.

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