Almost ready

Paul only has two more days of regular work now, and we have four more sleeps till we leave Perth to begin our new life.

We have taken care of most things that are mandatory before embarking on an adventure such as this. The caravan is ready. Legalities such as wills and land deeds have or are being attended to, and will be left in capable hands for safe keeping. And we ourselves are ready. The only thing we haven’t done that we intended to do is an updated first aid course, so we’ll have to pick one of those up sometime soon.

The caravan and annex are organised whilst we’re camped up, with a place for everything. Travelling between camp spots is going to pose a bit of challenge though. We’ll no doubt be staying for one or two nights on route sometimes, so we have to find a way to pack the gear from our annex into the van, and still allow reasonable access to fridge, stove, loo and bed without having to haul everything out. Sorting out the packing of the van is this week-ends job.

After years of camping, Paul is great at that sort of thing and works the packing like a jigsaw, with a perfect place for each item. I have every faith he’ll manage it all perfectly.

Today, I’m off for a bit of beauty therapy with a girlfriend. It’s the result of a bet I lost with her last year. I’m sure she thought I was never going to make good on the bet, but I’ve deliberately saved it for a time that will make a lovely last day with her before we leave. We’re both having a sea salt body scrub followed by a full massage, and lunch afterwards. Can’t wait.

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